Frequently asked questions about Colgate's multi-factor authentication using Duo.

Colgate recommends that users register a smartphone as their primary authenticating device.

However, Duo does provide multiple other options for devices that may be used as authenticators.

If you are not using a smartphone as your authenticating device, ITS encourages you to contact the ITS Service Desk to discuss the best alternatives to suit your needs.

It is possible to generate secure backup codes that can be used should your registered devices become unavailable. Particularly during travel, it is encouraged that users plan ahead by generating and printing a copy of these backup codes to carry with them.

To generate backup codes, contact the ITS Service Desk.

Using Duo Push with the Duo app uses a very small amount of data — less than 2KB per notification; if you're connected to WiFi, it will not impact your data plan at all. Using Duo Passcode via the mobile app does not use any data.

When using the text message (SMS) option, your text message rates will apply, and the University will also incur a small cost per text message requested. For this reason, the University strongly encourages users to utilize the Duo Push or Passcode options via the mobile app.

For a full look at the implications of the various device options, see Add and Manage Duo Devices.

This second factor of authentication is separate and independent from your username and password — Duo never sees your password.

Colgate's Google accounts are not part of the authentication system protected by Duo. However, users seeking the protection multi-factor authentication may activate this protection with Google.

For questions, or to request assistance, contact the ITS Service Desk.

If you lose a device that is enrolled in your Duo account, please contact the ITS Service Desk so that they can ensure it has been safely removed from your account.

ITS strongly encourages that you enroll more than one device as an authentication option with Duo. By doing so, you ensure that you can access your accounts, even if one of your authentication devices becomes unavailable.

It is strongly encouraged that Colgate's faculty and staff enroll in multi-factor authentication to protect their data and access to University data and resources. At this time, faculty and staff are not required to enroll.

However, in the coming year multi-factor authentication will transition to be mandatory for all faculty and staff. This will be communicated clearly and with plenty of notice when the time comes.

Ask for Help

If you are unable to find the information you need in the documentation available online, the ITS Service Desk is available to assist.

Walk-in service is by appointment only.

Due to high volume, our ticket tracking service is the only way to ensure we respond in a timely manner to your questions. Thank you for your patience.