IT Technology Assistant Program

Colgate faculty may engage with the ITS student workforce to increase their productivity and effectiveness with technology.

About the Program

The Technology Assistant Program pairs ITS student workers with Colgate faculty seeking technical assistance on short- or long-term projects. Dedicated students may provide:

  • Image editing services
  • Data entry/organization
  • Media creation services
  • And more

Training for Current Student Employees

In some cases, a professor may already be working with a student employee. In such a scenario, the faculty member may request training for this student through the Technology Assistant Program, from which the student will emerge with practical, technical skills with which to assist their faculty supervisor.

Request Assistance

To request assistance from the Technology Assistant Program:

Program Leadership

The coordinator of the Technology Assistant Program is: 

Ask for Help

If you are unable to find the information you need in the documentation available online, the ITS Service Desk is available to assist.