The social hosting process is in place to ensure that large social events with alcohol on campus are both safe and enjoyable for all students. Events with fewer than 25 attendees do not need to register.

About the Social Hosting Process

The Red Ball was a HIV/AIDS awareness and fundraising party presented by SGAC (Student Global AIDS Campaign) and Theta Chi and co-sponsored by The Shaw Wellness Institute and Bunche House.  The purpose was to raise money for HIV/AIDS related charities and to raise awareness of issues on campus.
We encourage students to socialize in safe and healthy ways.

The university encourages students to socialize and interact with each other in safe and healthy ways, and students are expected to make responsible choices, particularly if they choose to drink alcohol. As such, Colgate offers a range of events and activities, alcohol education, and reasonable guidelines for event management in an effort to promote student health, safety, and welfare.

We have Medical Amnesty and Good Samaritan Exemption policies to help students seek medical care for themselves and their peers. Each year, we dedicate significant resources to support a wide range of alcohol-free programming alternatives through the Dean of the College division.

Because the university cannot be a sanctuary from the existing laws of the local, state, or federal government, students are responsible for their personal decisions and the impact of their decisions on others and the greater Colgate and village communities.

To help orient hosts to managing safe events, students who choose to host private events with alcohol (25 – 65 guests) must participate in a Party Safely orientation (a one-hour program, taken once while at Colgate). When hosting large events with alcohol, students must have a designated number of members who participate in Training for Intervention Procedures (TIPS). TIPS is a nationally-recognized program that helps members of these organizations better manage their events.

Please note that the review and approval of events by the Dean of the College division, training provided to event hosts, and any monitoring of events that may occur, are designed to verify that event hosts are aware of, and agree to comply with, these requirements.

The university does not provide risk management evaluations or active supervision of events, and the university’s approval and/or periodic monitoring of an event should not be construed as an undertaking to ensure that the event is safe and/or secure, or that it will be conducted in accordance with these requirements. Rather, as noted above, event hosts and attendees remain responsible for using common sense to protect themselves and others, and for compliance with applicable laws and Colgate’s policies and procedures.

TIPS training

In this in-person training, students will learn how to make sound choices when faced with difficult decisions about alcohol use. In addition, students will learn the contract process for acquiring entertainment, caterers, security, tent rentals, seating, restroom facilities and other areas needed to produce a successful event. This is required for hosts of large-invitation and catered events.

Host(s) only need to participate in the training once; however, hosts may be asked to participate in additional training following a violation of the social hosting process or alcohol policy.


Social Event Types, Policies, and Guidelines

The social hosting policy and process applies to all social gatherings held in the common areas of a college house, common areas of a residence hall, fraternity or sorority, apartment, townhouse, Parker Commons, or other approved large campus venues where alcohol is served to of-age students and their guests. And all students should remember, as Buzzfeed reminds us, that there are plenty of ways to survive a party without drinking!

Food grants

To assist students with meeting the guidelines of our social hosting policies, the Student Government Association (SGA) has sponsored a food grant program to help students fulfill the food and beverage requirement for registered events on campus. 

Click the event type that corresponds to the event you will be hosting to learn more about your responsibilities as the host:

Organized functions held in the common areas of a college house, common areas of a residence hall, fraternity or sorority, apartment or townhouse where alcohol is served to of-age residents of that residential unit and their guest(s), with a minimum of twenty-five (25) but not to exceed sixty-five (65) attendees.


Organized functions held in the common areas of a college house, common space of a residence hall, fraternities and sororities, apartment or townhouse where alcohol is served to of-age students, and that exceed sixty-five (65) attendees.


Organized functions held inside or outside a college house, common space in a residence hall, fraternities and sororities, Parker Commons or other approved large campus venues where alcohol is served to of-age students by a licensed caterer and that are open to students of Colgate University.


Planning Your Event

Depending on the size and type of your event, there are a number of elements you need to consider and plan for in addition to registration with the university. For example:

  • Variance for the village's sound ordinance
  • Choosing a caterer
  • Managing production arrangements

The Center for Leadership and Student Involvement (CLSI) has compiled information and guidance about all of the considerations above, and more, into an easy-to-use online guide. STUDENT EVENT MANAGEMENT

Register Your Event

Register your event within Get Involved. You can find the form under the Campus Links heading, or click to be taken directly to the registration form.

Screenshot highlighting the location of the Social Host Form in Get Involved

Click to launch the registration form.