Ensemble Streaming Video and Anthem Screen Recording

Ensemble is a video and audio streaming media server, and Ensemble Anthem is a screen recording tool available to Colgate faculty.

Media Server for Streaming Video

With Ensemble, members of the Colgate faculty can post a single video, or full library of streaming video content online for students to view on-demand. Ensemble allows professors to:

  • Post individual videos online, sharing individual video links with students
  • Organize multiple videos into playlists
  • Embed individual videos or full playlists within Moodle

Posting video lectures and screen recordings can benefit learning by

  • Providing students with lessons or micro-lectures they can watch and repeat as often as they choose, to review class material or to help understand difficult concepts.
  • Allowing students to stop and start presentations, moving at their own pace and accommodating different learning styles and speeds.

Screen Recording with Ensemble Anthem

Ensemble Anthem is a powerful screen-capture technology within Ensemble that allows professors to create narrated instructional video content. Professors can easily use Ensemble Anthem to record screen movements with overlaid audio, and/or video recorded from a webcam.

Once a recording is finished, it can be automatically uploaded into the professor's Ensemble Video library, and can be auto-published to a Moodle course page. It is also possible to save recordings locally so that they may be shared via email, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

Get Started

Anthem is available for all faculty members, staff members, and students at Colgate. To download Anthem from Ensemble:

Work with ITS

ITS partners with Colgate faculty from all disciplines who are interested in exploring and creating instructional content.

ITS support includes:

  • Ensemble Anthem orientation and initial setup
  • Content planning and storyboarding
  • Thinking through evidence-based practices for creating and using instructional video
  • Activity design and guidance for learners using recorded content
  • Creating sample formative assessments to collect learner feedback


To learn more about Ensemble and Anthem, or to ask questions, contact:

Instructional Designer - Innovative Media

Ask for Help

If you are unable to find the information you need in the documentation available online, the ITS Service Desk is available to assist.