Apply to the Entrepreneurs Fund

Award Overview

A grant of $10,000 is awarded to each of the winning teams. In addition the grant, the cost of living in Hamilton for the duration of the program is also covered

(May be taxable. Awardees are encouraged to consult a tax professional.)

Additional Benefits

In addition to funding, award recipients receive the following aids and benefits:

  • Office space in Hamilton
  • Maintain all rights to intellectual property
  • Access to one-on-one mentoring from entrepreneurs in the Colgate/TIA network
  • Access to the upstate New York startup ecosystem
  • Access to the greater Colgate alumni network
  • Startup resources key to launching and growing early stage ventures
  • The benefit of being part of a cohort and sharing best practices with fellow founders

Eligibility and Application Process

The fund is open to for-profit and non-profit ventures with at least one Colgate student/alumni on the founding team.

Teams are expected to have completed prototyping and have initial traction with their venture. Ventures will be judged by a panel of Colgate alumni entrepreneurs on criteria that include quality of idea, size of problem, team, demonstrated ability to execute, stage of development, and market viability of venture. 

To receive information about the summer 2020 Entrepreneurs Fund, please email