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Parents' Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to some of the questions parents ask most about the Wilderness Adventure pre-orientation.

General Questions about Wilderness Adventure

What are the goals of Wilderness Adventure?
  • Start college with a group of great new friends and upperclassmen mentors.
  • Practice outdoor skills under the guidance of experienced student leaders.
  • Try something new, and maybe a little bit challenging — just like college.
  • Learn about classes, dorms, food, clubs, activities, and more from your leaders.
  • Jumpstart your entrance into community living and active citizenship.
  • Discover the Adirondack Park and Central New York – your new home.
What do students say about going on WA?
  • "Enjoy every moment even if it seems insignificant because the trip goes by so quickly and you will never have another opportunity like this."

  • "I realized that everyone else has the same concerns I do, I felt much better about college in general. I learned that you are almost never alone in what you are feeling, and that if you reach out to others it is not hard to find those similar to you."

  • "I really felt lucky to meet all the people in my group because everyone is so kind and accepting. I also really enjoyed getting a chance to try all different activities, such as rock climbing, hiking, and the ropes course."

  • "It was a fun and honest introduction to the Colgate community and nice to know there will be familiar faces on campus."

  • "I would take every moment you can to talk to every person in your group because everyone is really interesting and fun to talk to."

  • "Keep an open mind, don't judge the experience, people, or activity before you try it. You might just love it all."

Dates and Registration

What are the dates for WA?
The dates for this year's WA can be found on the WA homepage.
After I register for WA, when will I find out which session and trip I am on?
You can find the timeline for our registration process on the WA homepage and click on the drop-down for 'Registration Deadline.'

If you are trying to make travel arrangements, please know that we will NEVER put you on a session if you told us you cannot attend that session.

However, if you indicated a second choice session, there is a chance we will put you into that session. This is most often the case when you request session 2 as your first choice, and session 1 as your second choice. Session 2 is more popular, so we will sometimes put people into session 1 in order to give as many people as possible a WA experience.

Arrival, Move-in, and Orientation

How do I get from the airport/train station to Colgate for the start of WA?
There are a variety of travel options depending on where you are coming from. Colgate has an overview of your options here.
Can I arrive early for my WA trip?
Early arrivals are possible, but work differently for session 1 versus session 2.

Take a look at our Schedule page for information about how early arrival works for each session. 
How do meals work if I arrive early?
If you are arriving in Hamilton early due to your travel arrangements, it is important to note that the first meal provided will be dinner on the first day of WA. If you arrive the day before, or the morning, please make sure you have a plan for your own food.

NOTE: Your meal plan IS NOT active until after Wilderness Adventure.

If you need help planning meals during your early arrival, please contact us via phone or email and we can offer some suggestions.

Once WA starts on the first evening, we provide all meals through breakfast on the final morning. WA ends by 10:00 am on the final day.
Can I move into my residence hall before WA?
For Session 1 trips, residence halls are not ready for move in and in fact, many are still in use by summer programs.

For Session 2 trips, you can move in to your fall residence on WA arrival day.

Check out our schedule page for more information about how the move in process works on WA arrival day.
Is there any storage available for Session 1 participants to bring belongings to campus early?
For session 1, there is no on-campus storage for personal belongings between WA Session 1 and the start of Orientation. You can ship up to two large boxes to your Colgate mailing address, which will be available to you at the start of Orientation.

Check out the New Student FAQs for more info on mailing boxes to campus.

NOTE: Do not mail yourself anything you will need for your WA trip. Mail can be lost or delayed, which could negatively impact your trip.
Can I stay on campus between the end of Session 1 and the start of Orientation?
Unfortunately, there is no on-campus housing available during that time period.

If you are an international student, please contact the Office of International Students with any questions about the days between the end of Wilderness Adventure session 1 and the start of International Students Orientation.
When is Orientation? What is the Orientation schedule?
Your WA Session 2 trip will end the same day that Orientation begins. You'll be completely done with WA no later than 10:00 a.m. that morning. Even if you already have your room key, you still need to register for Orientation that day at the Hall of Presidents. See the Orientation site for more information and a schedule.
What else should I know about orientation and the start of the semester?
You can find lots more information about orientation on the New Students page and the New Students FAQ page.

Other Questions

Is there any paperwork I need to complete before the trip?
Please register and pay your deposit by the deadline listed on the Wilderness Adventure homepage, and pay the balance for the trip by the deadline.

There are also two forms to submit via mail. You can find links and more info on our Required Forms page.
Should I bring my phone/watch/camera/etc.?
Good questions!

Phones are a no go. Before your trip, your leaders will collect your phones (and any other valuables you aren't brining on the trip) and we will store them under lock and key while you are out on your trip. Mobile service is sketchy at best in the Adirondacks, and having your phone will make you more likely to call or chat your friends and family back home, rather than focusing on the people and experiences right in front of you. Your leaders will carry communication technology to be used in case of an emergency, so don't worry about that.

Some WA leaders choose to spend WA "time free," rising with the sun, eating when you are hungry, and sleeping when you are tired. Others prefer keeping to a more precise schedule. This choice is left up to each trip and leader pair. If you need your watch for a specific reason, be sure to let your leaders know when you arrive.

Since you won't have your phone, bringing a small digital or disposable camera is a great way to remember your trip. If you bring a digital camera, we strongly recommend something rugged (water, dust, drop proof and resistant point-and-shoot cameras are relatively common these days). Or, just grab a disposable and store it in a zip lock bag when not in use. If you do bring a camera, we hope you will share some of your photos with us for use in our Family Weekend slideshow!

We couldn't possibly list all the other electronic devices you might bring. The easiest answer is that if it runs on electricity, then you probably shouldn't bring it. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule (like flashlights!), so if you aren't sure, give us a call and ask.
Should I bring my own food or first aid kit on my trip?
The short answer is no, you should not. The longer answer is, it depends:

If you have prescription medications, you should ABSOLUTELY bring those. If you regularly take any over-the-counter medications, bring a supply of those as well. Otherwise, your leaders will carry a comprehensive first aid kit sufficient for the entire trip.

Your group will have LOTS of food - you won't go hungry. If you have specific dietary needs, restrictions, or allergies, you should note them on your registration/med form so we can try and accommodate you. If we have any questions about your dietary needs, we will likely contact you, and might ask you to bring some of your own food if it is something we cannot easily procure. If you are at all worried about the food you'll be eating on trip, please give us a call, we are happy to chat. You can see a sample menu on our Food and Diet page.
What should I do if I have a concern about food, allergies, or other concerns?
First, take a look at our Food page, which describes a typical menu on a WA.

If you are worried about a specific allergy, or other food issue, definitely contact us to discuss it. Thousands of Colgate students have participated in WA, and we can usually accommodate most food issues and allergies.

Our student staff are also well trained to handle most issues, and are certified in wilderness medicine.

If you have any other concerns, it's also a great idea to contact us to talk about them. You can also contact Colgate Disability Services (315-228-7375) to discuss accommodations.
What if I have a question that isn't answered here?
Take a look at the Student FAQ, there are a few questions answered there that aren't here.

Otherwise, feel free to contact us, we're always happy to talk about WA.

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