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Faculty Governance System

The Faculty Meeting

The faculty meets during the academic year generally on the first Monday of the month during the fall term and the last Monday of the month during the spring term. The president presides; in his/her absence, the dean of the faculty and provost presides. The president of the Student Government Association has the privilege to attend and speak (but not vote) at these meetings. The function of faculty meetings in university governance is to establish academic policy, programs, and standards. It is accomplished through a structure of committees and boards.

Faculty Committees

In addition to the Academic Affairs Board, the Student Affairs Board, and the several committees created by the constitution of the Colgate Governance System, faculty members serve on the following standing committees of the faculty:
  1. Committee on Faculty Affairs;
  2. Committee on Promotion and Tenure;
  3. Faculty Nominating Committee;
  4. Faculty Committee on Affirmative Action Oversight
  5. Advisory and Planning Committee

Ad hoc Faculty committees are also created in various areas to investigate and report on specific items of interest and concern to the faculty. (For a detailed description of the standing committees of the faculty, consult the Colgate Faculty Handbook.)