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Parent Giving Challenge

1,313 Minutes. $131,313. Incredible impact.
Thank you – $373,575 raised in the parent giving challenge.

Challenge Results

Parents rise to the challenge on Colgate Day

In honor of Colgate Day, Friday, April 13, 2018, a Colgate parent issued this challenge: if fellow parents gave a total of $131,313 in 1,313 minutes, the challenger would contribute a matching $131,313 gift.

Colgate parents rose to the challenge. Individuals made hundreds of gifts to the programs on campus that were most meaningful to their families, and their contributions totaled more than the required amount by the deadline.

An additional $50,000 matching challenge made and met before the end of the day brought the total effort to $373,575.

An Immediate Impact for Colgate Students

Through this one day of giving, parents were able to make a difference that will be felt by students right away, and in the near future.

As is often the case, the most popular designation for parent gifts was the Colgate Fund, which provides for the university's most pressing needs. Other favorite designations of parents who gave during this challenge were the Colgate Athletics Council, funding for student internships, and the Kerschner Family Series Global Leaders at Colgate.

"Gifts designated to the Colgate Athletic Council are critical in supporting our teams, providing resources for everything from enhancements in training equipment to expanding opportunities in the areas of academic support services and internships,” Assistant Athletics Director for Advancement Brian Grady said.

Another example of immediate impact felt on campus is in the funding program that supports students' internships, research, service, or supplemental academic experiences. Through a rigorous process, this spring, Colgate selected over 250 students to receive these grants, at a cost of approximately $660,000. By the morning of the giving challenge, 17 of these 250 deserving students remained on the waitlist, their status contingent upon available funds.

"Throughout Colgate Day, and in the following days, we were able to pull all remaining students from the waitlist, thanks to the generosity of parents and alumni," explained Teresa Olsen, Assistant Vice President of Institutional Advancement and Director of Career Services.

Mari Assad, Associate Vice President of Institutional Advancement, Special Events, is excited about the experiences her team will be able to create with additional funding. Gifts will help Colgate bring global leaders to campus and give students insight from those at the forefront of world affairs. Some past speakers include General Colin Powell, President Bill Clinton, and His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

“Every dollar that was raised will be felt by the students currently on this campus,” said Heather Payne, Assistant Director of Parent Giving. “The university and our students cannot thank parents enough for their support.”

It’s not too late to make an impact! Make a gift to Colgate before June 30 by visiting, through Venmo @colgateuniv, or by calling 800-668-4428.

Popular Giving Options for Parents

Make your gift to one of these popular designations, or to any Colgate program that is meaningful to your family. All gifts count towards this challenge.

The Colgate Fund

Colgate’s most pressing need, contributions to the Colgate Fund have immediate impact — benefiting students in the year the gifts are given — and can be directed to academics, financial aid, study abroad, athletics, libraries, the arts, and more.

Spendable Internships

Internships are a pivotal experience in a liberal arts education, critical for post-graduate success, and a common recruiting tool for employers. Colgate is determined to raise sufficient funds to meet the full financial need of students who pursue unpaid or underpaid internships.

Global Leaders Lecture Series

Launched in 2007, the Kerschner Family Series Global Leaders At Colgate brings international leaders to campus, exposing students to complex issues and allowing them to engage with individuals at the forefront of world affairs.

Colgate Athletic Council

The CAC serves all athletic programs and student-athletes by providing the resources needed to produce excellence in the classroom and in Division I Athletics.
For more information, contact Heather Payne, assistant director of parent giving, at 315-228-6206 or

Colgate Day

A worldwide celebration of the Colgate spirit, observed every Friday the 13th. Show your Colgate pride by wearing maroon, attending events, sharing your love for Colgate on social media, and supporting Colgate with a gift.

Why 13?

Even if you’re new to the Colgate family, you’ve probably noticed our fixation with the number 13. The origin: Colgate University was founded by 13 men with $13 and 13 prayers.