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Health Service Costs

Health Facilities Visits: No Cost

There is no charge for visits to the health center or satellite clinic. Students (or their health insurers) are responsible for bills relating to emergency room visits, laboratory and X-ray tests, visits to specialists, and certain medications.

See the list below for costs of items such as medicines, vaccines, various forms of contraception and "private" tests. Note: these costs are subject to change.  We accept cash, check or 'gate card for payment; we cannot process a debit or credit card.

Many medications are dispensed to students, either at minimal or no charge. Other prescriptions may be filled, at the students expense, at the local pharmacy. Crutches and other medical supplies are also available on loan from our office.

Allergy serums may be stored in the health center. Serums and immunizations are administered by a staff nurse twice a week by appointment.


We cannot re-write prescriptions from home without extensive information from your physician. We therefore suggest that you plan to bring enough medication to last the semester or have your physician arrange for ongoing medications with the area pharmacy.

Price List, Fall 2018

(All prices subject to change)
Test Price
Affirm Vag Infection $186
Chlamydia $25
Chlam/Gonorrhea $46
Gonorrhea Culture $20
Herpes (HSV) $70
HIV Antibody $40
Rapid HIV (Oral) $20
RPR (Syphilis) $17
Thin Prep Pap Smear $60
Urine Pregnancy $5
PPD ( for TB) $10
Flu Swab $15
Sickle Cell Testing  $14
Strep Test  $5
Equipment Price
Ankle brace/aircast $37
Cervical collar $20
Crutches $30
Hot water bottle $10
Ice pack $3
Knee immobilizer $35
Post Op shoe $15 
Rib belt $15
Shoulder immobilizer $25
Sling $10
Thumb spica $15 
Wrist splint  $20
OneStep Casting Splint $15
Medication Price
Amoxicillin  $6
Azithromycin  $15
Birth control pills $15
Doxycycline (2 tabs) $5
INH $30
Emergency Contraceptive $10 
Fluconazole (yeast)
INH (3 btls) $60
Medihoney  $8
Metronidazole  $15
Nebulizer treatment
Nitrofurantoin $15
Penicillin $5
Phenergan w/codeine
Tobramycin eye drops $15
Wart Treatment (3) $10
Immunization Price
Chickenpox (Varivax)
Flu shot (Quad) $18 
Gardasil 9  $225
Hepatitis A $80
Hepatitis B $70
Bexsero (Mening B)  $160
Trumenba (Mening B) $140 
Polio (IPV)
Tetanus diphtheria
Tdap Tetanus diphtheria adult pertussis
Typhoid injection
Oral Typhoid $75
Rabies, Japanese Encephalitis, etc. Cost as per pharmaceutical company