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Teacher Certification Program

Chair: J. Palmer

Colgate’s Department of Educational Studies offers teacher certification programs for those planning to teach in grades 1 through 12. There are certification programs at both the undergraduate (for both elementary and secondary) and at the graduate level (for secondary certification only). Students wishing to teach at the elementary level (grades 1–6) earn a teaching certificate in Childhood Education. Students seeking elementary certification can major in any subject. If students would like to major in Educational Studies they must obtain a total of 96 credits (24 classes) that are considered Liberal Arts and Sciences.  At the secondary level (grades 7–12, what New York State terms Adolescence Education), Colgate offers certification in the following areas: biology, chemistry, earth science, English language arts, mathematics, physics, and social studies.  Students seeking secondary certification should choose a major closely associated with the secondary subject they wish to teach.

Teacher preparation students are strongly encouraged to apply for a minor in educational studies due to the extensive coursework involved through the department. Teacher candidates will student teach in “the professional semester,” that is offered currently only in the fall semester.  Student teaching is an intensive full-time commitment that typically requires curtailing most extracurricular activities.

Students who wish to gain New York State teacher certification have the option of completing their professional semester in the fall term following graduation as part of the ninth semester program. To be eligible for this special program, students must have received their Colgate degree in the academic year prior to the professional semester and completed all other certification prerequisites prior to enrolling in the ninth semester.  In the ninth semester, students are allowed to enroll only in the professional semester courses, which consist of two or three seminars (depending upon adolescence or childhood certification) and student teaching. Students admitted into the ninth semester program will be charged a small administrative fee, must meet the usual requirements for enrollment at Colgate, and are responsible for locating their own off-campus housing. Students interested in the ninth semester program should meet with an educational studies faculty member to determine if they are eligible and apply to the program in the spring of their senior year.

Students pursuing teaching certification typically take FSEM 182/EDUC 101 as their first education course. Those interested in teacher certification should meet with the Director of Teacher Preparation as early as possible to develop a program of study that fulfills certification requirements. 

For more information please contact:
Dr. Meg Gardner
015 Persson Hall
Our current accreditation term began on May 1, 2014 and extends until June 30, 2021
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