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Psychology (PSYC)

Chair: C. Keating

Psychology is a scientific approach to the understanding of covert and overt human and animal behavior. It is concerned with such processes as learning, memory, thought, perception, motivation, psychopathology, and development, and their physiological and neurophysiological bases. Psychological principles are applied to the understanding of the behavior of individuals, groups, and societies, and to the solution of a wide range of practical human problems.

The Department of Psychology offers courses that may be taken by students who want an introduction to some major concepts in the field but who are not planning to major in psychology, such as PSYC 150.

PSYC 150 is the prerequisite for PSYC 200, the research methods course required of all psychology majors, and many other 200-level PSYC courses.

Advanced Placement

Colgate course credit for PSYC 150 is awarded to students receiving a score of 5 on the AP Psychology exam.


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PSYC 150, Intro to Psychological Science
Introduces students to the scientific study of human behavior. Topics include biological foundations of behavior, learning, cognition, sensation and perception, development over the life span, emotion and motivation, personality, social thinking and behavior, and the causes and treatment of psychological disorders.