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First-Year Seminars (FSEM)

One of your four fall courses will be a first-year seminar (FSEM). Many FSEMs count toward the Liberal Arts Core Curriculum or may be equivalent to departmental or divisional offerings. For example, FSEM 111 fulfills the Communities and Identities CORE requirement, whereas FSEM 161 is equivalent to ENGL 200 and fulfills one-half of the Human Thought and Expression areas of inquiry. In any case, all FSEMs count towards curricular and graduation requirements, so you should let interest be your principal guide when choosing from among the options.

Every effort will be made to register you for one of your FSEM choices; however, due to small class size it is impossible to accommodate everyone. If we are unable to accommodate any of your FSEM preferences, you will be placed in an available FSEM that fits your schedule.