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Change of Address

Moved? Please tell us! Our office is the repository for address and phone numbers of current students and their parents. (Alumni should contact the alumni relations office.) Students can update their personal contact information (home address, phone numbers, etc.) on the portal. Parents, please send an email to the registrar's office (registrar@colgate.edu) with the updated contact information (e.g., mailing address, cell/home phone numbers, email addresses). Please note that parent addresses are not automatically changed when student address changes are processed. Please be sure to indicate which family members are included in the address change.

Preferred Name & Personal Pronoun Service

Preferred Name

Students may add a preferred first name to their academic record to appear on their academic file alongside their full, legal name. A preferred first name will appear on course rosters, dean’s, advisor’s, and coach’s dashboards and in the online Campus Directory.

You can expect preferred names to be honored on the Colgate campus with other students, faculty, and staff. Some academic records (transcripts, diplomas, VISA forms, etc.) and university payroll and financial aid cannot accommodate preferred names and will use full, legal names only. Preferred names have no legal bearing. In the event that a student legally changes their name, the student must submit court documentation to the Office of the Registrar.

Personal Gender Pronouns (PGP)

PGPs provide one way for an individual to identify themselves and their gender identity/expression. Pronouns can be added to a student’s record so they appear on course rosters, dean’s, advisor’s, and coach’s dashboards. Pronouns do not appear in the Campus Directory. You can expect PGPs to be honored on the Colgate campus with other students, faculty and staff.

To Make a Change

Preferred first names and PGPs can both be changed by logging into your Colgate portal account. Under “My Contact Information” on the “My Information” tab, edit your information accordingly. Preferred names can be typed into the "Preferred First Name" field. A drop down menu features the PGP options available to you. Once you've made your changes, click "Submit Changes" at the bottom. This will send an email to the registrar's office and a staff member will adjust your record as soon as possible.

Contact Information

Academic Records: Registrar's Office registrar@colgate.edu
SEVIS and immigration forms: Office of International Student Services  oiss@colgate.edu
Tuition and billing: Student Accounts stuaccounts@colgate.edu
Preferred Names and Gender Pronouns: Office of LGBTQ Initiatives  lgbtq@colgate.edu
       For more information see the ​LGBTQ Inititives web page

Requesting an Apostille

Are you sending your records outside the country and need an apostille for your transcript, diploma, and/or verification of enrollment? The sole function of the apostille is to certify the authenticity of the signature on the document.

You must request your official transcript, diploma, and/or verification of enrollment from the Office of the Registrar and indicate you need an apostille. The registrar’s office will certify that the document is an official record of the original document and will have the document notarized by a Notary Public on campus. This may take 2-4 business days after the request is received.

The document will then be mailed to Madison County Clerk's Office in Wampsville, NY, where the clerk is qualified to certify the signature of the Notary Public. Finally, the clerk’s office will mail the document back to the student. The document must then be presented by the student to the New York State Department of State for authentication.

In order to process your request, the registrar’s office at Colgate must receive:
  1. A brief note explaining what is needed, why it is being requested, and what country will be receiving the document(s).

  2. The transcript request form and/or the replacement diploma order form and fee (if applicable).
    Note: If you have your diploma, you may make a photocopy and send the photocopy to the registrar's office, rather than requesting a replacement diploma.

  3. One (1) self-addressed stamped 8 ½ x 11 envelope.
    Note: Please affix two (2) stamps for a transcript and four (4) stamps for a diploma.

  4. A check ($3 per document) made payable to Madison County Clerk's Office.
    Note: U.S. currency is also acceptable. Foreign checks are not acceptable.
To complete the process, the transcript, diploma, and/or verification of enrollment must be forwarded to the New York State Department of State for authentication. Once you receive your document(s) from the Madison County Clerk’s Office, you will need to forward it to the Albany or New York City office of the New York State Department of State. Colgate University and the Madison County Clerk's office will not forward this document for you.

For address information and more information on this process please visit the New York State Department of State’s website (http://www.dos.ny.gov/corps/apostille.html)

If you have questions, please contact the registrar's office at 315-228-7408, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - noon or 1 - 4:30 p.m.