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Registration FAQs

Please click on the questions below for the answers to these frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact the registrar’s office (, 315-228-7676, or 315-228-6493) and a staff member will be happy to assist you.

General Registration Questions

How will you register for your first-semester courses?
Carefully review the information on the First-Year Registration page, then submit the appropriate registration form (available on the first-year registration page) with your preferred and alternate course selections by the deadline specified. After the deadline, the registrar's office staff will use your form to register you for fall courses. Schedules are not final until the beginning of August, when an e-mail will be sent with information on how to access your schedule and other information.
How many courses will you be registered for?
First-year students will be registered for four full-credit courses. The normal course load is 4.00-4.50. If none of your courses have a lab co-requisite, your course load will be 4.00. If one or two of your courses has a required lab, your course load will be 4.25-4.50.

It is recommended that you also register for at least one PHED unit in addition to your four academic courses. PHED units do not carry academic course credit. Sign-ups for PHED units occurs at the beginning of the semester. Please see the physical education web page for more information.
How do you indicate which lab section you prefer?
A number of courses (particularly in the natural sciences) have required laboratory sections. The labs are designated by the course number followed by an L (e.g., CHEM 101L is the required lab associated with CHEM 101) and, in most cases, carry 0.25 course credits. On your registration form, indicate the section of the course in the "Sec" column and the section of the lab in the "Lab Sec" column. Sometimes the course section and lab section will be the same and sometimes they will be different, depending on the number of offerings and the time of the sections. If a course does not have a lab, leave the "Lab Sec" column blank.
3 Dept Course # Sec Lab Sec Course Title Days Time
Preferred CHEM 101(L) A B General Chemistry MWF
(M lab)
What is a crosslisted course?
A crosslisted course is one that is offered under two or more subject codes. For example, ALST 228 and HIST 228 are crosslisted. Regardless of whether students registers for the course as ALST or HIST, they will be in the same classroom and complete the same assignments and exams.

If you are interested in taking a crosslisted course, you should register for either subject code, based on availability. If you need to change the designation later on (whether to have it count for a certain requirement or another reason), you may do so in the Office of the Registrar.

If you have any questions about registering for a crosslisted course please contact the registrar’s office.
When will you know which courses you have been registered for?
In early August you will receive an e-mail (to your Colgate email address) when schedules are available. Instructions on accessing your schedule will be included in the email.
Will you have the opportunity to change your course schedule?
You will be able to make schedule changes during the drop/add period in the fall. This will be after you've had the chance to meet with your FSEM instructor/adviser during orientation. You will receive an e-mail with detailed drop/add information before the start of the term. No schedule changes will be made during the summer.
What happens during the drop/add period?
During the drop/add period (at the start of the term), you will have the opportunity to make changes to your schedule. Depending on the status of the course, you may make changes online or by obtaining the instructor's signature and bringing it to the registrar's office for processing.

More information regarding drop/add will be emailed, and available on the drop/add web page, closer to the fall term.
What if I want to take five classes my first (or second) semester?
As a first-year student, you are expected to take 4.00-4.50 course credits (four full courses) and may only deviate from this plan with the permission of your administrative dean. First-year students will not be registered for five courses during the summer.
What if a class is in the Catalogue, but not in the First-Year Course Offerings? Can I take the course?
The University Catalogue lists all courses offered by a department. Not all courses are available each semester. You should select courses available to first-year students from the First-Year Course Offerings page.