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Last fall President Herbst announced a data revitalization project, recently named OAK – Optimization, Analytics, and Knowledge, to create and improve administrative efficiencies and empower the campus community with greater access to data.  

The OAK Project complements many of the campus initiatives that are currently ongoing.  First, the staff climate survey purported the need for improved communication and we believe continuous review of administrative processes that cross departments and increased data sharing will help meet that goal.  Second, the Degree Works and an integrative advising initiative will help support the Living the Liberal Arts Strategic Planning report.  Finally, throughout this project, there will be opportunities to reduce our use of paper and support the sustainability initiative. 

If you have any questions or comments contact anyone from the OAK project team.

OAK Projects

Approved Programs/Portable Aid

Approved Programs play an important part in Colgate’s international education offerings, providing options in a wide range of locations as well as different program models. Programs have been carefully evaluated by Colgate faculty for curricular fit, academic rigor, on-site support services, emergency management, and opportunities for meaningful engagement with the host culture.  With over 100 programs in 50 countries, approved programs enrich our portfolio of offerings and expand the possibilities for students with diverse academic interests and goals.

Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse

Tableau, a business intelligence solution, is being piloted to improve access to information, improve analytics and present information as insightful data visualizations. Tableau gathers data from multiple sources, turns that data into information, and presents graphical dashboards to support decision making across campus. Once fully implemented, sharing more information with the campus community will increase transparency and promote positive, fact-based decision making.

Change of Status

The Change of Status process is being enhanced through automation that capitalizes on existing banner functionality - workflow - to improve efficiencies, reduce errors and improve the overall experience for both students and staff. 

Classroom Scheduling

Classroom Scheduling will allow centralized room assignments in the Class Schedule process to ensure consistency and reduce classroom conflicts.

Customer Relationship Management

The OAK team is exploring the need for a customer relation management system (CRM). Currently the Office of Admission and Institutional Advancement are partnering to explore options to help track and manage relationships with our varied constituents throughout campus.

Degree Works

A degree audit system that allows students, faculty, and administrative advisers to track student progress toward degree, major, and minor completion; and assists with advising, major declaration, and course selection.

Faculty Activity Reporting

Faculty will be able to view and enter information about their teaching, research and service to the university via Digital Measure's ActivityInsight product.  Faculty Activity Reporting will move the current faculty self-report process to an electronic environment, saving both faculty and staff time.  Additionally, when fully implemented, it will also update faculty web profiles as information about new articles, books, speaking engagements, art work, etc. is entered. Finally, faculty can use the system to print a current, customizable CV.

InfoShare (Web Proxy)

A current Banner capability that we are implementing will allow students to grant proxy access to their parent(s)/guardian(s) for view access to grades and financial aid information.   The benefit will be the elimination of several thousand grade-mailers being printed and delivered each semester. 

Student Onboarding

An assessment of our student on-boarding process for newly enrolled students is underway.  The goal is to automate the process for improved efficiency and communication.

TouchNet (e-commerce)

TouchNet enables departments across campus to accept electronic payment transactions. 

Web Time Entry

An online Banner application for time entry and approval that eliminates the need for paper time sheets. Web Time Entry training began in October 2013 and the full implementation for benefitted hourly employees was completed in late November.  Student and casual wage employees are currently being brought into the system with a targeted completion date of May 2014. 
OAK Project Team

Brendt Simpson
Director of Institutional Planning and Research

Kevin Lynch
Chief Information Officer

Sue Dolly Lathrop
Senior Associate Dean for Admissions Operations

John Collins
Associate Vice President for Budget and Financial Aid

Tom O’Neill
Associate Vice President & Comptroller

Lori Chlad
Associate Vice President for Human Resources

Brandon Ice
Business and Operation Manager, Office of the Dean of the College

Lindsey Hoham
Senior Associate Director of Advancement Services

Gretchen Herringer

Tim Bortfitz
Director, IT Systems Administration

Cara Singel
Instructor in Physical Education and Assistant Director/Compliance Coordinator

Mark Hine
IT Project and Communications Manager