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OAK Project Proposals

The OAK initiative builds efficiency by coordinating large-scale, strategic, cross-divisional, technology-based projects.
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What Is an OAK Project?

OAK projects are typically:
  • Administrative (not teaching or research)
  • Strategic
  • Resource intensive (people, financial, time)
  • Enterprise-wide or multiple departments
  • Endorsed by a VP or associate VP

What Happens After I Submit the Project Proposal?

The OAK team reviews the project proposal and will be back in touch with you within a week or two at the latest.

After completing the initial intake form, the OAK team will shepherd you through the rest of the project process shown below.

More information can be found on how we help you build a successful OAK project here.

How Do I Propose an OAK Project?

To propose an OAK project, fill out the OAK project intake form by clicking on the Propose a New Project button below.


OAK Project Process

Oak Project Process