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Colgate has sought to adopt an integrated advising system to improve communication channels between academic advisors, administrative deans, and students. After careful deliberations, we have adopted AdviseStream. It is currently being used by our Health Sciences Advising Committee and administrative deans and other staff in the Dean of the College, as well Career Services. As of Fall 2017, AdviseStream is available to all faculty, students, and relevant staff.


Learn to sync Google Calendar with AdviseStream.

AdviseStream for Faculty

Faculty can access student information, course rosters, course warnings, and academic advisors can use the system to keep confidential advising notes and send PIN numbers to students.

You can access AdviseStream by going to the Faculty Toolbox in the Colgate Portal and choosing AdviseStream in the drop-down menu.

Faculty can also take notes in AdviseStream for each of their advisees. Notes are retained in the system for your future reference. You can share the note with others (such as administrative deans or future academic advisors) by changing the status of any note to “shared” and identifying the people with whom you would like to share the note.

You can use the calendar function in AdviseStream to set up advising appointments for your advisees. To do this, you must first link your Google calendar to AdviseStream (details are here). Then, go to the calendar function in AdviseStream and create advising slots that will be shared with your advisees, who can set up advising appointments via AdviseStream.

You can message your advisees. Messages can be referenced by you in the future and are attached to the student’s record. All messages that you send in AdviseStream will be sent to students’ Colgate email in addition to showing up in AdviseStream when they log in. To message groups of students, you need to first create a group in AdviseStream and then send the group messages in the system. All group messages are blind copied to students.

We encourage you to use the AdviseStream faculty user guide that will help you navigate the key features of the system. You can also watch a recording of the faculty training session.

AdviseStream for Staff

To date, staff in the Dean of the College, Dean of the Faculty, and Career Services have access to AdviseStream. For those who have access, go to and log in with your Colgate account (ie, Colgate username and Colgate password).

We encourage you to use the staff user guide that will help you navigate the key features of the system.

If you are a staff member who would like to request access, please contact a member of the AdviseStream implementation team listed at the bottom of this site.

AdviseStream for Students

With AdviseStream, students can view your student profile and can enter your co-curricular activities, connect with your advisors, and receive course warnings.

Visit your student toolbox in the Colgate Portal and use Colgate’s Single Sign On to log-in. If you have difficulty accessing AdviseStream, you may contact the AdviseStream support team using the grey “support” tab at the bottom right hand corner of the log-in screen.

We encourage students to log into AdviseStream and add co-curricular and extra-curricular engagements into your profile. This will help track activities throughout your Colgate career and will better inform advisors about your interests. Students can add research, community service, leadership and other life experiences to your AdviseStream profile. Here is a guide for students to add engagements.


For those students interested in pre-health, there are additional modules associated with pre-health advising that you can access. To gain access to the pre-health modules, sign into Advise Stream using your Colgate portal credentials and go to the "Help Center" FAQ's. On that screen, you will see a button to click in the upper right of the screen. See screen shot below.

prehealth figure

Members of the AdviseStream Implementation Team 

Please do not hesitate to reach out to any of the following staff with any questions you have about AdviseStream: