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Nolij Project Types

When planning for your office to use Nolij, you may consider breaking down the project into phases. This will help your staff become comfortable with being paperless, and gain their trust in the new process. If the goal of your project is to have documents come in and data updated as they are processed by users in your office, you could break the project into stages. 
  • Phase 1: Start using Nolij as an electronic filing cabinet.
  • Phase 2: Implement a simple workflow by routing documents manually to users.
  • Phase 3: Automate document workflow by updating data from Nolij forms.
See below for a breakdown of what each Nolij project type is and where responsibilities would be divided between your office and ITS.
Type 1 - Filing Cabinet (Scan-Index-Retrieve)
Department Responsibility
  • Attend Nolij end-user training
  • Define roles and permissions
  • Identify document types
  • Define search criteria
  • Update department documentation
ITS Responsibility
  • Provide project oversight
  • Provide best practices for user roles and setup
  • Set up Nolij department/office; implement search query and document storage
  • Configure scanner
  • Hold training session for end users and department admin
  • Paper documents are scanned and stored in Nolij as an electronic filing cabinet
Type 2 - Simple Workflow
Department Responsibility
  • All department tasks from the project type 1
  • Define existing and new business processes for document workflow
ITS Responsibility
  • All ITS tasks from the project type 2
  • Create workflow with inboxes for manual routing
  • Documents are stored in Nolij and manually routed to the next person that needs to work on them
Type 3 - Complex Workflow
Department Responsibility
  • All department tasks from project type 2
  • Define all fields in Banner that you want to read in a form
ITS Responsibility
  • All ITS tasks from project type 2
  • Create workflow procedures for routing documents
  • Create forms to pull data from Banner
  • Create procedures to save data in form to Nolij database
  • Data is pulled from Banner (from multiple Banner screens) to one form in Nolij. Data is saved to Nolij database with rules that route to next inbox