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E-mail, Calendaring, and Collaboration

G Suite for Education offers Colgate students e-mail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Sites, and more. Log in at


Keep organized with Google Calendar by creating one or more calendars. Share your calendar with others or create group calendars.  Google offers many features to assist staff and faculty in organizing their busy schedules, including a task feature to create a "To Do" and even to sync with your smartphone. For more information, visit Google Calendar's support site.

Google Drive

Create or upload documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more. The web-based design of Google Drive (formerly Google Docs) allows you access to your documents anywhere you have Internet access. Share your documents with others to collaborate, create, and modify in real time. Visit support from Google Drive here.


Staff and faculty use the Gmail interface with Colgate's e-mail. Label your mail, create filters, and enjoy plenty of storage space that Google provides in your inbox. For more information, check out Gmail support here.

Google Sites

If you have a club, class project, or special interest that you would like to share, you can quickly and easily create a Google site. You can even choose who has access to your site.  Google provides support for creating your Google site here.

Google Groups

A Google Group is an electronic mailing list and much more. Colgate uses Groups for campus mailing lists, such as all employees, the class of 2019, and the Biology Department. You can request that ITS create other groups for your applications.

In addition to distributing mail from a single address to multiple members, groups can archive all messages for later access and can control the appearance of messages. Members can control their own subscriptions. Further, groups can be used to simplify the sharing of Google Docs and other resources. 

For Google Groups support, check here.