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Devices Supported on the Colgate Network

Colgate’s enterprise-class networks are capable of handling most any device on the market today... and then some.
We strive to make the computing experience transparent and work hard to make the student's experience like home by supporting all gaming, IPTV, tablets, smartphones, laptops, and computers to connect to our network. Chances are, if you have a device which can connect to a network, we can make it work.

There are some devices which do not, however, play nice on an enterprise-class network. These devices are designed mainly for home use and can wreak havoc on an enterprise-class network.

The devices which Colgate does not currently support are:
  1. Personal wireless printers which broadcast a network name for a connection. If you have one of these printers, please turn off the wireless and connect it directly to your computer via its supplied USB cable while on campus. IP telephones and 3G/4G range extenders are not readily supported by Colgate.

  2. These devices often use GPS which can be a difficult signal to capture on campus and often require the reconfiguration of our network which is not compatible with our network security equipment.

  3. Sniffers or network analyzers of any kind. These devices and software/hardware configurations are meant to watch traffic and are therefore against Colgate's Acceptable Use Policy as well as many laws.

  4. Devices which use Apple Talk / Bonjour / mDNS such as the AppleTV are not currently supported on enterprise-class networks. Colgate is currently working to eliminate this limitation. While you may find these devices work in some areas of the campus at certain times, there is no guarantee of their functionality.

  5. Home routers, wireless access points, hubs or switches whether wired or wireless are not supported on the network. These devices can cause issues with performance across the network.