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Research Computing at Colgate

Colgate’s Strategic Plan 2014-2019 identifies “A Dynamic Curriculum” as one of four strategies to address core institutional challenges. Colgate's Strategic Plan specifically identifies the need for students to understand “critical and creative uses of technology” and “adapt our curriculum in order to prepare students for - and to contribute knowledge to - addressing the problems and opportunities in the next century.”

In support of this plan, Information Technology Services has recently launched an enhanced research computing service with a dedicated staff member to provide faculty-scholars with centralized scientific and research computing support. Though broadly available for any research computing need, the focus of this new position will be enhancing high performance computing, scientific applications for research, and support for Unix/ Linux based research.

Specific services under this area include:

Design and administration of centralized high performance computing resources.

Design and administration of centralized research storage.

Support for faculty managed, Unix/ Linux servers including installing, maintaining, supporting, and troubleshooting.

Assistance with developing and modifying code for research needs.

Requirements analysis for research computing needs, including for new faculty, new grants, and new projects in conjunction with technology support coordinators.

Security support for Unix/ Linux including patches, firewalls, and backup in conjunction with the security analyst.

Support for scientific lab computer installations for faculty and student researchers and departmental lab managers in conjunction with desktop support.

Assistance in installation and use of scientific software packages and coordination with desktop support and licensing.