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Media Library - Ensemble Video Server

Our Media Library server is an Ensemble Video (see EnsembleVideo.Com*) installation accessed at MediaLibrary.Colgate.Edu  It is used to host and securely serve a variety of mostly academic media content. 

Getting Started with Media Library

  • Request account access via ITSHelp
  • Media Library account details 
    • Login uses Colgate network authentication (username and password)
    • If you can't login at the Portal you can't login at MediaLibrary
    • Accounts are given access to one or more Ensemble Libraries

Additional Useful Ensemble Features

  • Security Settings
  • Restricted Access to Moodle or to Colgate Network Address
  • Create Virtual Clips From Uploaded Content
  • Annotate clip timeline
  • Serve just a selected clip from your Ensemble Content
  • Upload Multiple items quickly and simply
  • Save time or allow non-Ensemble Users to Upload using Dropbox