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  • Google's public tutorials for users of Groups (Participate in a group)
How do I get rid of old addresses which appear in my e-mail lookup?
They are in your personal contacts. Instructions to remove them are here.
When sending a message to the old lists I received a confirmation e-mail from the list confirming the message. Will I get that message from Google Groups?
Sorry! Google Groups does not include that feature. If your Group is set to Archive messages and the Archive is open to members you can check that directly to see if your message was sent (posted).
Ooops! What if I send something to the old address?
Not a big deal. Mail sent to the address will be forwarded to the new address until July 15, 2013
Why do I see all the group addresses, even if I am not authorized to send to them?
Sorry! Google does not allow you or us to control the address lookup for Groups. You will receive an error reply e-mail if you post to an unauthorized Group (you will not be penalized or fined)
Why don't I see the archives for one of my Groups?
Managers control the existence and access to the archives (archives may not be maintained, or may not be available to all members)
Hey! Cool! It looks like I can remove myself from any Group! Can I really?
Google lets you remove yourself or control the e-mail from any Group. Please do not change your access to any official Group. You may want to stop or limit (digest) your employee or student e-mail but this will prevent you from receiving urgent and emergency e-mail in a timely fashion. Managers will restore your settings to receive e-mail from selected official Groups. We suggest you (carefully!) configure Gmail filters to control your group e-mail.
Who do I contact for Group help?
Call the Helpline (7111) or send an e-mail request to ITSHelp@Colgate.Edu
What was that "New Interface" reference in older versions of this documentation?
After we started our transition to Groups, Google announced a new interface which became our Colgate production version on July 17, 2012.
Will I receive a copy of messages I send to a Group where I am a member?
How do Google Groups relate to my Contact Groups?
  • Despite the similar name there is no direct relation between these. They are the same in that they distribute e-mail, but to share access with others and get some of the many cool features (recipient controls, archiving, ...) you must have a Google Group. Contacts Groups are strictly personal.
  • It is likely that some of your Contact Groups would best be in the form of a Google Group. If so, request one as indicated above. ITS may also be able to help you subscribe the Group membership.
Where do I create a Group? I can do this in my Google.Com account!
  • ITS currently controls Group creation
  • Send an e-mail request to ITSHelp@Colgate.Edu with your Group request