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Welcome to Google Groups

Colgate is now using Google Groups to manage Colgate mailing (distribution) lists and more.

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Groups as E-mail Distribution Lists

Google Groups are replacing our Listserv mailing lists for e-mail distribution.

What are Google Groups?*

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 My groups include 1) public Colgate Groups, 2) Groups that I manage, and, 3) Groups where I am a member. 

 Groups are a standard item in your Google header menu

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What Is New?

The basic change for most Colgate community members is essentially small -- e-mail previously sent to a group like:


will now be addressed to:


One more important difference? These groups will now appear in everyone's standard Google Mail address lookup.

Even more important? Group managers will have big changes in their administrative interface, but also many useful, new options.

Overview of Google Groups

A recorded webinar summarizing the transition to Google Groups
Google Groups - Colgate Overview Webinar 27-Jun*

Why Google Groups?

Consistent with and integrated into our Google Mail service, less expensive, more functional ... READ MORE

When Will the Transition Occur?

Complete transition by July 2013 

More Groups Information...

Information for Group Users
    Everyone at Colgate will be a Group User!

Information for Group Managers
    Including instructions...