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Sample Video Narrative Projects

The Chinese City: Living Beijing (CHIN288)

Professor John Crespi took 18 students to Beijing, China, for three weeks where they captured the culture of the city with still and video cameras. John Crespi's handout on four types of digital media projects.

Community-based Study of Environmental Issues (ENST 390)

Disseminating the results of local research to a global audience was the motivation for students in Professor April Baptiste's course to prepare video narratives about Colgate campus sustainability projects.

Ecologies of the City (GEOG 322)

In spring 2012, Jessica Graybill repeated her successful video narrative project with her Ecologies of the City class. Students researched different cities and created video projects that demonstrated their understanding of ecologies of cities, systems mapping and the production of spatial ecologies of the city.

Media & Politics (SOAN 375)

Alicia Simmons, Assistant Professor of Sociology, wanted her Media & Politics class to create a video that discusses major events in the media through certain frames. The idea was heavily based on the research informing the course, so students would have a chance to not only critically examine how events were portrayed in the media, but to also enact some of these frames themselves in presenting the material.

The American School (EDUC101B)

Prof. Anna Rios, who participated in the Video Narrative Workshop this past summer, had her students create a video narrative about a reflection on an educational experience. Referencing their readings and discussions in class, they reflected on an experience they had in their K-12 years.