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The Narrative in New Media: The Media-ted I/Eye

About the course

This course immerses students in the study of narrative craft, grounding students initially in the print essay tradition, and then translating this tradition into multi-media narrative forms, including the audio narrative essay, and the video narrative essay. At its root, the word “essay” means “inquiry” from the Latin ex-agere, exigere, “to weigh, try, prove, measure, adjust, ascertain, examine, inquire into.”[1] A central premise for this course, then, is that every narrative – every story – inquires into experiences and ideas, and that writers compose not just what they know but in order to know. Thus, this course asks students to mediate the “subjective” and “objective” positions of the writerly “I” and “eye” in an effort to invite readers to see anew and to read and experience stories through aural and visual media. In this workshop-based course, students are expected to circulate their writing to each other – and out into the public sphere through our course media site and other potential print or web-based publications. Note: no previous expertise in audio or video composing is necessary.