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Video Narratives – Digital Storytelling

Video has become a critical communications tool that is accessible to everyone thanks to services like YouTube. Colgate students who create video as a part of their coursework often comment on the value of learning this 21st-century tool.
students in the Digital Learning and Media Center

Types of Assignments

The possibilities for using video in your classes are endless. Here are a few ways we have integrated video with coursework in the past:
  • Documentaries
  • Content-specific commercials
  • Political statements
  • Public service announcements
  • Original adaptations of scenes from commercially produced films
  • Foreign language projects demonstrating language proficiency and cultural sensitivity
  • Video art
  • Collaborative performance art

In-class Workshops

We offer several in-class workshops to help you and your students get started on creating high-quality video projects. We offer the following workshops:
  • Story Elements: Story Formation and Storyboarding
  • Equipment Overview: Cameras, Microphones, Lighting
  • Final Cut Pro: Video-Editing Software Workshops

Copyright-free Music

Visit Free Play Music for access to a large library of copyright-free music which students can use in their video narratives.

Sample Projects

Get inspired for your class project by viewing samples of what students at Colgate and around the country have created in the past.

Archived Video Projects

Find archived video narratives here.