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Classroom Technology

Case-Geyer Library

Academic Technologies is dedicated to helping you use your classroom to best effect. We will help you with the use of classroom equipment and software. We also can offer support additional technologies, such as personal response systems ("clickers").

The vision of a "standard" classroom is commendable yet challenging - based on budgets and other resources, specialized design projects during building renovations, specialized design by professors and departments, and the variety of classrooms layouts in a 200-year-old campus you will find a variety of configuration in your teaching and learning spaces.  Contact us to assist you with the resources in your classrooms.

We are also currently involved in efforts to envision and develop classrooms for the future. Let us know if you are interested in participating in these plans.
Person at the front of a classroom, pointing to an image being projected onto a screen

Technology Equipment

ITS installs and maintains computer, projection, and audio equipment in most classrooms, and provides connections for your laptop computer or tablet.  

Classroom technology equipment details are here.


ITS attempts to maintain a standard suite of software in each classroom, including the basics, such as web browsers and Microsoft Office, and specialized, such as SPSS and R. We also install specific software upon request for your use during a specific semester.

Classroom software details are here.