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Technology Assistant Program

Increase your productivity and effectiveness by utilizing our ITS student workforce.
The Technology Assistant Program is designed to pair ITS student workers with Colgate faculty who need technical assistance with short or long term projects. The demands of Colgate faculty are many, and often the use of technology can be a delay and a frustration. It is our hope that with the Technology Assistant Program, we can provide dedicated ITS student workers to help alleviate the technical stresses faculty may face.
Who is a part of the Technology Assistant Program?
The Technology Assistant Program is lead by Jordan Wenzel. Jordan will work with the dozens of ITS student workers who are currently employed to provide the best experience to the faculty possible.
What is offered?
A dedicated student to provide 1-on-1 assistance with technology needs, including:
  • Image editing
  • Data entry/organization
  • Creating media
  • More..
  • How can faculty get involved?
    Faculty can get involved by emailing, or simply by calling 7111 and having a service request created.
    In some cases, faculty may already have a student worker. In this scenario, it is possible to request that the student is trained by the Technology Assistant Program. The student can learn technical skills to increase their capabilities in assisting the faculty member.