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Fiscal Compliance Hotline

Colgate is deeply committed to appropriately protecting its financial resources. The university has a longstanding policy that encourages employees to report concerns about fiscal or illegal conduct in the workplace to their supervisor or a representative in the Human Resources office.
This process has been quite effective and we continue to recommend that employees attempt to resolve matters through established reporting channels whenever possible.

However, in an effort to provide employees with an additional means of reporting fiscal improprieties, Colgate has implemented a fiscal compliance hotline.

In order to protect the identity of employees reporting a concern while ensuring that the university appropriately investigates and resolves any identified issues, Colgate has contracted with an independent third-party, Compliance Concepts Inc. Colgate’s hotline allows callers to confidentially report concerns regarding inappropriate financial activity or behavior.

All calls submitted through the hotline will be given careful attention with the objective of responding to and correcting the reported situation.


The hotline is not a substitute for, and does not supersede, any existing university protocols for reporting concerns regarding discrimination, harassment, or inappropriate employee workplace conduct. It should not to be used to report health, fire and safety, or personnel concerns; student behavioral issues; or matters related to academic dishonesty.


Please contact JS Hope, vice president for finance and administration; Thomas O’Neill, associate vice president and controller; or Lori Chlad, associate vice president for human resources.

Instructions for Using the Hotline

  1. Dial 1-800-910-6717
  2. Call is received by an operator from Compliance Concepts
  3. The operator will ask whether the caller would like to remain anonymous or be identified.
  4. If the caller elects to be identified, the operator will ask for the caller’s contact information. If the caller wishes to remain anonymous, no contact information will be obtained.
  5. Information on the concern is gathered and a call report is prepared by the operator
  6. Call information is repeated and verified to the caller
  7. A call reference number and a call back date is provided to the caller
  8. The call report is reviewed by a senior risk analyst at Compliance Concepts.
  9. The senior risk analyst delivers the report to the appropriate Colgate representative, depending on who the concern is about, for investigation. A call received about a university officer, who would normally field and investigate all concern calls, will be directed to another responsible university representative.
  10. If the caller has identified himself or herself, a Colgate representative will follow up directly with the caller to provide summary information on the status of the investigation. If a caller asked to remain anonymous, the caller can follow up with Compliance Concepts if he/she wishes to monitor the status of the investigation. This will protect the caller’s anonymity.