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Points System

In fall 2011, the university transitioned to the points system as a means of responding to most violations of the Policy on Alcohol and Drugs. The system was approved through the university’s governance system in 2010, including approval by the Student Government Association.

We believe the negative outcomes associated with the misuse of alcohol (and other drugs) should be minimal and that student safety is paramount. Information regarding the key components of the system follow, but we ask that you have a conversation with your family regarding their expectations related to the choices you may make regarding the use of alcohol and/or drugs.

The points system has several key components including the points associated with violations and associated referrals and notifications, medical amnesty and Good Samaritan exemptions, required leave of absence for alcohol and drug use, and point forgiveness.

Dean of the College

Contact the dean's office for more information about the points system.

E-mail: doca@colgate.edu
Phone: 315-228-7425