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Student Conduct

Colgate’s disciplinary system is rooted in the Code of Student Conduct and the Academic Honor Code. Students are expected to both know and uphold the expectations and spirit of each.
The University's Disciplinary Officer is responsible for ensuring that standards are maintained as outlined in the Code of Student Conduct and the Academic Honor Code and other student policies as noted in the Student Handbook. Students are expected to be accountable and responsible for the choices they make. 

Many members of our community have responsibility for supporting these policies, including student community leaders, residential life staff, campus safety officers, and faculty members.  When there are alleged policy violations, the student's behavior is documented and forwarded to the Dean's Office for review. 

At its core, the disciplinary system is an educational process with the intent that students work to better understand the decisions they made so that they can make more informed and more responsible decisions in the future. Colgate provides students with an opportunity to discuss their role in the alleged incident through an administrative hearing.

For questions about policy or to make an appointment. Please contact Kim Taylor, Associate Dean for Conduct.

Kim Taylor
Associate Dean for Conduct and Administrative Advising