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Student Awards and Honors

We award a variety of honors to students who have demonstrated academic distinction during their four years at Colgate.
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Award Descriptions

Dean's Award
This award is presented each term to students who achieve a term grade point average of 3.30 or higher while successfully completing at least 3.75 course hours. Students are eligible while carrying three courses for letter grades and one course under the satisfactory/unsatisfactory (S/U) grading option. RECIPIENTS
The Colgate Alumni Corporation 1819 Award*
This prestigious prize is awarded annually to the member of the senior class “whose character, scholarship and service best exemplify the spirit that is Colgate.” 1819 Recipients
The Class of 1997 Award*
This award provides financial assistance to graduating seniors with preference given to a candidate pursuing a graduate level degree. The recipient will be both a leader and an intellectual and will have contributed to the many facets of the Colgate Community or will have initiated a program or project that has greatly contributed to the well-being of the campus community. To be considered, this candidate must graduate in the top half of the class.
The Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. ’30 Award*
This award recognizes seniors who have made outstanding contributions to Colgate, and in the process, have enriched the life of the student community of color. Students will have contributed to the cultural life, the social life, the organizational life and have enriched the life of the student community of color."
The Dean's Community Service Award*
This award is given to the most worthy individual, residential unit, or group at Colgate which through the year immediately preceding the award has given significant service to the local community. This service exemplifies an understanding that we are part of a larger community and that volunteer service and civic participation are part of the responsibility of well-educated women and men.
George W. Cobb Awards*
The income from a fund established by the late George W. Cobb, class of 1894, is used to recognize outstanding achievement by undergraduates (freshman, sophomores & juniors.) Not less than ten nor more than twenty awards are made annually to those students who, during the college year immediately preceding the award, shall have demonstrated qualities of outstanding leadership and effective influence among their fellow students on campus, as well as among prospective students in developing interest in Colgate.
Charles A. Dana Scholars
The Charles A. Dana Scholars are selected each spring in recognition of superior academic achievement as well as demonstrated leadership in the college community. This is a significant academic award, perhaps the most significant after the Phi Beta Kappa. Seniors, juniors, and sophomores are eligible for the awards established by Charles A. Dana in 1965.
Voice of Conscience Award
Awarded to a student who promotes a bridge-building initiative or collective vision among culturally diverse groups.
The Dodge Prizes
This award was established by Ebenezer Dodge, D.D., LL.D., president of the university 1868–90, and is awarded to the two first-year students who achieve the highest academic record during the first year of their college career, as determined by their grade point averages.
The Edward M. Stimets Memorial Award
This award is given to a student, "who, in the judgment of the Dean of the Faculty, the Dean of the College, the Dean of First Year Students, and the President of the Student Government Association, has contributed the most to Colgate in his or her freshman year."
* = Awards marked with an asterisk are part of a nomination process that takes place in February of each year. Faculty, students, and staff will receive an e-mail each year regarding this process.