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Repeating Courses

Students may find that repeating a course is an appropriate consideration under some conditions. One of the more effective ways to increase an overall grade point average is to repeat a course.

Students who are placed on Academic Warning and who have cumulative grade point averages that place them at risk of dismissal are advised to consider repeating a course in which a low grade was earned (D or F). The repeated course must be the same course as one previously taken and the grading basis must be the same as well. Students who repeat a course do not earn additional credit toward graduation, however. The repeated course replaces the previous course in computing the cumulative grade point average, but both courses remain on a student's transcript.

It should be noted that a failed grade (F) received as a result of an Academic Dishonesty charge remains as part of the cumulative grade point average calculations.

Students are encouraged to consult with their academic adviser or administrative dean if they think repeating a course would be beneficial to their academic progress.