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Committee on ALANA Affairs

This committee is concerned with the quality of the experience of African American, Latin American, Asian American, Native American, and other communities of color at Colgate.

Membership will consist of:
  • Dean of the College 
  • 4 Faculty (elected at large by the Faculty for three-year terms)
  • 4 Students (elected at large by the Student Senate for one-year terms)
The following individuals serve as consultants to the Committee on ALANA Affairs: the Director of the Office of Undergraduate Studies and the Director of the ALANA Cultural Center.  The committee is chaired by the Dean of the College unless the committee votes to elect one of its other members as chair.


Dean of Students

Maria Flores-Mills (chair)


*D. Barreto - replaced by Jyoti Khanna (spring)
*A. Baptiste replaced by CJ Hauser (spring)
*E. Hagos replaced by Jacqueline Villarrubia (year)


  • Sukriti Kalra
  • Tracy Milyango
  • Jennifer Palencia
  • Lauryn Poyser
  • Anthony Wright (fall)/Taylor Dumas (spring)


Academic Director, Office of Undergraduate Studies: Suzanne Spring 
Director of Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action: Tamala Flack
Director, ALANA Cultural Center: LeAnna Rice