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Committee on Academic Advising

Charge to the Committee

The Committee on Academic Advising is responsible for all aspects of Colgate’s programs for academic advising. The committee will:
  1. respond to questions and requests proposed to it by the board;
  2. review proposed changes in policies and programs affecting academic advising, and;
  3. review existing academic advising policies and programs and make recommendations to the board as seems desirable to the committee.
Membership will consist of:
  • Chair of academic advising, a faculty member appointed to a three-year renewable term by the dean of the faculty
  • Three faculty members, representing the academic divisions of the arts and humanities, natural sciences and mathematics, and social sciences elected to staggered three-year terms by the faculty 
  • Two students elected by the Student Senate
  • The chair of the First-Year Seminar Program
  • A representative of the Academic Affairs Board
  • Dean of first-year students (ex officio)
  • Director of Academic Support & Disability Services (ex officio)
  • Registrar (ex officio)

Meeting Times

The committee will convene as needed, at least once each semester.


Contact the chair of the advising committee for agenda and minutes.


Faculty and students: