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Successful Faculty Development Proposals

Faculty have used FDC funds to attend workshops to learn new methods of laboratory instruction; to attend conferences addressing pedagogical innovations in their fields; to stay an extra day at national conferences to take advantage of a pedagogy-focused workshop; to consult archives in order to add a new unit to an existing course; to travel to conferences to present the results of their innovative use of a new teaching technology; to gain or improve pedagogically relevant language skills; and to study the design of senior-year interdisciplinary honors programs at other institutions. These examples are only illustrations of the wide variety of activities and experiences that could be funded in the service of improving the faculty’s work as educators.

Sample Proposals for Faculty Development Council Grants

1) The Middle Danube: Belgrade to Budapest
Matthew D. Miller
Department of German / Core Curriculum

2) Chemistry Education as an Agent for Global Progress 
Jason M. Keith
Department of Chemistry