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Conant House Lending Library

The following books are available for use by Colgate students from the Counseling Center’s lending library located in its waiting room. Feel free to come to Conant House and check out these books!

Books may be checked out for a period of three weeks simply by letting the office manager know which book(s) you wish to borrow.

The books are listed categorically as follows:

Alcohol and Other Drug Issues

  • Aa's Godparents
  • The 12 Steps
  • The Recovery Book
  • Hope: New Choices And Recovery Strategies For Adult
  • Drinking: A Love Story
  • The Journey Within: A Spiritual Path To Recovery
  • Staying Sober
  • Understanding The Twelve Steps
  • First Year Sobriety
  • Playing It Straight
  • Hope For Healing: Good News For Acoas
  • A Gentle Path Through The Twelve Steps
  • Addiction & Recovery
  • Living Recovery
  • Growing In The Shadow
  • Children Of Alcoholism: A Survivor’s Manual
  • The Complete Acoa Sourcebook
  • Alcoholics Anonymous
  • The Alcohol Blackout
  • Under The Influence
  • Beyond The Influence: Understanding And Defeating Alcoholism
  • Came To Believe
  • The Unofficial Guide To Quitting Smoking
  • It Will Never Happen To Me: Growing Up With Addiction As Youngsters, Adolescents, Adults
  • Life Skills For Adult Children
  • A Gentle Path Through The Twelve Steps
  • Another Chance: Hope And Health For The Alcoholic Family
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Grief and Loss

  • A Time To Grieve
  • Survivors Of Suicide
  • After The Tears
  • Losing A Parent
  • The Mourning Handbook
  • Motherless Daughters 
  • When A Friend Dies
  • I Wasn't Ready To Say Goodbye
  • The Death Of A Parent
  • No Time To Say Goodbye
  • When Parents Die
  • Changing Course: Healing From Loss, Abandonment, And Fear
  • Grief Recovery Handbook
  • After Suicide Loss: Coping With Your Grief
  • When Bad Things Happen To Good People
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  • Uprooting Racism
  • Understanding White Privilege
  • "Why Are All The Black Kids Sitting Together In The Cafeteria?"
  • It's The Little Things
  • Yell-Oh-Girls
  • Of Many Colors
  • White Like Me: Reflections On Race From A Privileged Son
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Personal Development

  • Learned Optimism
  • Spiritual Notes To Myself
  • Homecoming: Reclaiming And Championing Your Inner Child
  • Self-Nuture
  • In A Different Voice
  • Doing The Right Thing
  • Living A Life That Matters
  • How Good Do We Have To Be?
  • Authoritative Guide To Self-Help Resources In Mental Health
  • The Little Book Of Stress Relief
  • Messages
  • Authentic Happiness
  • Simple Pleasures
  • The Power Of Resilience
  • Finding Flow
  • The Six Pillars Of Self-Esteem
  • The Power Of Positive Thinking
  • The Soul's Code: In Search Of Character And Calling
  • Transitions: Making Sense Of Life's Changes
  • The Road Less Traveled
  • Mind Over Mood
  • Thoughts & Feelings: Taking Control Of Your Moods And Your Life
  • Native Wisdom For White Minds: Daily Reflections Inspired By The Native Peoples Of The World
  • Roadmaps To Success And Happiness In College
  • The Secret
  • Care Of The Soul
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Psychological Disorders

  • Understanding Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Understanding Panic Disorder
  • Understading Social Anxiety Disorder
  • Living With Tourette Syndrome
  • Women With Attention Deficit Disorder
  • The Ocd Workbook
  • An Unquiet Mind
  • The Depression Workbook
  • Just Checking
  • Overcoming Depression
  • Moodswing
  • I Don’t Want To Talk About It
  • The Panic Attack Recovery Book
  • The Ptsd Workbook
  • Bipolar Disorder Demystified
  • The Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders
  • Living Fully With Shyness And Social Anxiety
  • Stop Obsessing! How To Overcome Your Obsessions And Compulsions
  • From Panic To Power
  • Surviving A Borderline Parent
  • I Hate You, Don't Leave Me: Understanding The Borderline Personality
  • Stop Walking On Eggshells
  • The Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide
  • Mastering Your Adult Adhd
  • Managing Social Anxiety
  • Nothing To Hide
  • Touced With Fire
  • Add And The College Student
  • Survival Guide For College Students With Adhd
  • Master Your Panic
  • Manic Depression
  • Living Without Depression & Manic Depression
  • The Mindful Way Through Depression
  • Driven To Distraction
  • Down Came The Rain
  • Surviving Schizophrenia
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Personal Skill Building

  • The Unofficial Guide To Managing Time
  • Staying Well With Guided Imagery
  • The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People
  • Your Perfect Right
  • Secrets Of Sleep
  • The Anger Workbook
  • Anger: Taming The Beast
  • People Skills
  • Shyness
  • Taking Responsibility
  • The Everything Self-Esteem Book
  • Self Matters
  • Ten Days To Self-Esteem
  • The Self-Esteem Workbook
  • The Anger Control Workbook
  • The Angry Heart
  • A Student Athlete's Guide To College Success
  • Athlete's Guide To Career Planning
  • Career Game Planning For Student Athletes
  • Writing And Healing: Toward An Informed Practice
  • Stress Management: A Comprehensive Guide To Wellness
  • How To Control Your Anger Before It Controls You
  • When Perfect Isn't Good Enough
  • The Procrastinator's Handbook
  • Self-Esteem
  • Full Catastrophe Living
  • Self-Nuture
  • Never Good Enough
  • How To Say No Without Feeling Guilty
  • Meditations For Living In Balance: Daily Solutions For People Who Do Too Much
  • The Dance Of Fear
  • The Harmonious Way: A Success Guide To Selecting A Compatible Mate
  • The Habit Change Workbook
  • Flying Without Fear
  • 19 Simple Solutions To Worry
  • Staying Well With Guided Imagery
  • Managing Time
  • Love Is Never Enough
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Overcoming Sexual Assault/Abuse

  • Scream Louder
  • After Silence: Rape And My Journey Back
  • The Date Rape Prevention Book
  • If You Are Raped
  • Speaking Out, Fighting Back
  • Healing The Trauma Of Abuse
  • Against Our Will
  • Surviving Childhood Sexual Abuse
  • The Courage To Heal
  • The Other Side Of Silence
  • The Courage To Heal Workbook
  • Trauma And Recovery
  • The Healing Way
  • Will I Ever Feel Okay Again?
  • Hurting & Healing
  • Abused Boys
  • When Men Batter Women
  • Dating Violence
  • Hush
  • Man Against Woman
  • Violent No More
  • The Battered Woman
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Eating and Body Image Concerns

  • The Columbia Encyclopedia Of Nutrition
  • Food & Mood
  • Hunger Pains: The Modern Woman's Tragic Quest For Thinness
  • Twelve Steps For Overeaters
  • Fat Is A Feminist Issue
  • The Athletic Woman's Survival Guide
  • The Don't Diet Live-It! Workbook
  • Making Peace With Food
  • Self-Esteem Comes In All Sizes
  • Live Large!
  • Overcoming Binge Eating (2)
  • Women Afraid To Eat
  • Sports Nutrition Guidebook
  • Holy Hunger
  • Too Perfect
  • Overcoming Overeating
  • Anatomy Of Anorexia
  • When Food Is Love
  • The Beauty Myth
  • The Rules Of "Normal" Eating
  • The Beginner's Guide To Eating Disorders Recovery
  • The Thin Disguise
  • Overcoming Eating Disorders: Client Workbook
  • Wasted
  • A Parent's Guide To Eating Disorders And Obesity
  • The Rules Of "Normal" Eating: A Commonsense Approach
  • Intuitive Eating
  • Eating In The Light Of The Moon
  • Binge Eating
  • Food & Body Connections
  • Help Your Teenager Beat An Eating Disorder
  • Reviving Ophelia
  • The Best Little Girl In The World
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Sexuality and Sexual Identity

  • Outing Yourself
  • Gay Theology Without Apology
  • Coming Out
  • A Place At The Table
  • For Yourself
  • The Intimacy Dance
  • Coming Out To Parents
  • Struggle For Intimacy
  • The Joy Of Sex
  • Our Bodies, Ourselves
  • What The Bible Really Says About Homosexuality
  • Love Makes A Family
  • It Gets Better
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Medication Decisions

  • The Talking Cure
  • Making The Antidepressant Decision
  • Listening To Prozac
  • Prozac Nation
  • Psychiatric Drugs
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Careers in Psychology

  • Graduate Study In Psychology
  • Career Paths In Psychology
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Relationship Violence

  • The Battered Woman
  • Dating Violence: Young Women In Danger
  • Violent No More
  • When Men Batter Women
  • The Verbally Abusive Relationship
  • Life After Trauma
  • Man Against Woman
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Relationships and Codependence

  • Boundaries And Relationships
  • Relationships
  • Love Is A Choice
  • The Dance Of Anger
  • The Dance Of Connection
  • The Dance Of Intimacy
  • Loving Me, Loving You
  • The Courage To Be Yourself
  • Toxic Parents
  • The Mom Factor
  • An Adult Child's Guide To What's "Normal"
  • Adult Children: The Secrets Of Dysfunctional Families
  • Struggle For Intimacy
  • The Body Never Lies: The Lingering Effects Of Cruel Parenting
  • Codependent No More
  • Recovery: A Guide To Adult Children Of Alcoholics
  • Healing The Family Within
  • Repeat After Me
  • Lost In The Shuffle
  • The Emotionally Abusive Relationship
  • Families In Recovery
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