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Editorial Style and Usage Guide

This guide is the established editorial style for e-mail announcements, the Colgate Magazine, colgate.edu pages and stories, brochures, newsletters, letters, and more.

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NOTE: All entries, in bold type, indicate lower case or capitalization as appropriate

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year round, year-round. Use a hyphen before a noun; otherwise, leave it open [The Barge Canal Coffee Company offers flavored coffees year round. The band stayed at a year-round resort.].

years. In body copy, use “to” not an end dash (–) to denote date ranges. For 2000 to 2009, when referring to an academic year, use 2003–2004, not 2003–04 or ’03–’04; before 1900, use full year [He met Jim Jones, Class of 1889, in 1920.].