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Editorial Style and Usage Guide

This guide is the established editorial style for e-mail announcements, the Colgate Magazine, colgate.edu pages and stories, brochures, newsletters, letters, and more.

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NOTE: All entries, in bold type, indicate lower case or capitalization as appropriate

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baccalaureate. Noun meaning bachelor’s degree, a sermon to a graduating class, or the service during which the sermon is delivered. Not baccalaureate degree, which would be repetitive.
bachelor of arts degree, bachelor’s degree. See also academic degrees.
Benton Scholars Program.
between. See among, between
between you and me. Never between you and I.
black. Both black and African American are acceptable although they are not always interchangeable; we use both terms and usually lowercase the b of black.
Blackmore Media Center. Named for Robert L. Blackmore ’41.
Board of Trustees. The board or a university trustee (lowercase) on second reference.
bookstore. Official name is the Colgate Bookstore [I got my sweatshirt at the bookstore. Visit the Colgate Bookstore for textbooks and Colgate gear.].
brackets. Use to add explanations or corrections to quoted material [“I told him [Joe] I’d meet him there.”] or as parentheses within parentheses. Use the Latin word sic in brackets to indicate that an error in quoted material is being reproduced exactly [“I admired President Regan [sic] for his charisma.”].
Broad Street community.
buildings and grounds. The informal name for the department known as the Physical Plant.
buildings and sites. Capitalize the names of buildings, including the word “building” if it is an integral part of the formal name. In general, capitalize Quad, the Hill, Fraternity Row. Use residence hall instead of dormitory or dorm.
          FORMAL NAMES OF COLGATE BUILDINGS AND LANDMARKS. Colloquial and explanatory names or descriptors, as well as locations and alternative names/common second references, appear in parentheses. When referring to a specific room or location for an event, include the building name [Golden Auditorium, Little Hall]. This listing includes several properties in the village owned by Colgate.
ALANA Cultural Center
Alumni Hall
Alton Lounge (in James C. Colgate Hall)
Athletics/recreational facilities
Andy Kerr Stadium
Angert Family Climbing Wall
Base Camp (outdoor education’s home)
Charles H. Sanford Field House (Sanford Field House is usually sufficient)
Class of 1965 Arena
Cotterell Court
Frederick H. Dunlap Stands (in Andy Kerr Stadium)
Eaton Street Softball Complex
Glendening Boathouse (on Lake Moraine)
Huntington Gymnasium
Harry H. Lang Cross Country and Fitness Trail
Hooks Wiltse Field (varsity softball diamond)
J.W. Abrahamson Memorial Courts (tennis)
Lahar-Abeltin Press Box
Lineberry Natatorium (pool)
Mark P. Buttitta ’74 Varsity Weight Room
Reid Athletic Center
R.L. Browning ’37 Track
Seven Oaks (golf course)
Perkins-Sumption Practice Area
Starr Rink
Trudy Fitness Center
Tyler’s Field (outdoor artificial surface)
Van Doren Field (soccer field)
Wooster Room (in Huntington Gymnasium)
Barge Canal Coffee Company (the Barge, at 37 Lebanon St.)
Bewkes Center
Brehmer Theater (in Dana Arts Center)
Campus Safety Department
Case Library and Geyer Center for Information Technology (Case Library or Case-Geyer is usually sufficient)
Digital Learning and Media Center (named for Anita Grover MD ’74 and Tom Hargrove P’14)
Hieber Café
Center for Learning, Teaching, and Research (formerly French and Italian House)
Center for Women’s Studies (in East Hall)
Chapel House
Clifford Gallery (in Little Hall)
Colgate Bookstore (3 Utica St.)
Colgate Camp (on Upper Saranac Lake)
Colgate Inn (5 Payne St.)
Colgate Memorial Chapel (use the chapel or Memorial Chapel on second reference)
Commons, the (at Parker Apartments)
Conant House (home of the Office of Counseling and Psychological Services)
Cooley Science Library (official name is George R. Cooley Science Library)
Coop, the (O’Connor Campus Center)
COVE, the (Max Shacknai Center for Outreach, Volunteerism, and Education, in Lathrop Hall)
Dana Arts Center
Digital Learning and Media Center (named for Anita Grover MD ’74 and Tom Hargrove P’14; in Case Library)
Donovan’s Pub
East Hall
Edge Café
Frank Dining Hall, Curtiss E. (Frank Dining Hall is usually sufficient)
Eric J. Ryan Studio
George R. Cooley Science Library (in McGregory Hall; Cooley Science Library or the science library are usually sufficient)
Golden Auditorium (in Little Hall)
Hall of Presidents (in James C. Colgate Hall)
Hamilton Movie Theater (7 Lebanon St.)
Hascall Hall
Heating Plant
Hieber Café (at Case-Geyer)
Ho Lecture Room (105 Lawrence Hall)
Robert H.N. Ho Science Center (Ho Science Center is usually sufficient)
Ho Tung Visualization Lab (informally called the Vis Lab)
Meyerhoff Auditorium (101 Ho Science Center)
Human Resources
James B. Colgate Hall (colloquially referred to as the Ad Building)
James C. Colgate Hall (formerly/colloquially referred to as the Student Union)
Hall of Presidents
Clark Room
Judd Chapel (in Colgate Memorial Chapel)
Lathrop Hall
Lawrence Hall
Linsley Geology Museum (in the Ho Science Center)
Little Hall
Longyear Museum of Anthropology (in Alumni Hall)
Love Auditorium (in Olin Hall)
Max Shacknai Center for Outreach, Volunteerism, and Education (the COVE on second reference)
McGregory Hall
Merrill House
O’Connor Campus Center (the Coop)
Olin Hall
Olmstead House
Palace Theater (19 Utica St.)
Parker Commons
Paul J. Schupf Studio Arts Center (3 Montgomery St.)
Persson Hall
Persson Auditorium (27 Persson Hall)
Physical Plant (buildings and grounds)
Picker Art Gallery
Preston Hill Apartments
Residences (for students)
Andrews Hall
Asia Interest House
Beta Theta Pi
Bryan Complex
Cobb House
Crawshaw House (home of the Harlem Renaissance Center)
Parke House
Russell House
Class of 1934 House
Curtis Hall
Cushman House
Whitnall House
Delta Delta Delta
Delta Upsilon
Drake Hall
East Hall
Gamma Phi Beta
Gate House
Kappa Kappa Gamma
La Casa Pan-Latina Americana
The Lo
Newell Apartments
Parker Apartments
Phi Delta Theta
Phi Kappa Tau (104 Broad Street; Former Phi Gamma Delta Chapter House*)
Ralph J. Bunche House (Bunche House)
Stillman Hall
Theta Chi
Townhouse Apartments
West Hall
University Court Apartments
94 Broad Street
100 Broad Street
104 Broad Street
110 Broad Street
113 Broad St. Complex
Brigham House
Read House
Shepardson House
Ryan Studio, Eric J. (Ryan Studio is usually sufficient)
Saperstein Jewish Center
Spear House (home of the Center for Career Services)
Student Health Center
Trudy Fitness Center
Raab House (president’s residence, formerly called Watson House)
West Hall
Whitnall Field
W.M. Keck Center for Language Study
Wynn Hall
*Must be included in publications and written references to the premises