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Campus Calendar

The campus calendar aggregates all events of interest to the Colgate community taking place on campus and in the surrounding area.

Where to Find Event Listings

Events posted to the Colgate campus calendar are automatically displayed in the following locations:
  • The calendar at
  • Event listings are present at the bottom of every page on
  • Twice weekly e-mails are sent to everyone on campus on Monday and Thursday mornings.
  • Colgate's mobile app (iPhone and Android) features a calendar populated with events from the main campus calendar. Web version at
Screen shot of the Colgate Calendar

Adding Events to the Calendar

Everyone on campus has the ability to submit an event to the campus calendar. The process varies depending on the type of event, and your relationship to the university.
I'm a student

Get Involved:
If your event is open to campus and you are acting as a representative of a student group with a presence on Get Involved, you should create your event within Get Involved and mark it as shown to "Anyone in the World." All events marked as open to "Anyone in the World" within Get Involved will automatically display on the campus calendar. Events entered through Get Involved join a queue to be reviewed before being posted, so there may be a delay before it goes live. GO TO GET INVOLVED

Other events:
If your event is not tied to a student group with a presence on Get Involved, you can still submit an event. It will enter a queue to be reviewed before being posted to the calendar, so there may be a delay before it goes live. There is a link at the bottom right of the calendar that reads "Submit an Event," or: CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT AN EVENT

I'm a staff or faculty member

I only submit occasional events:
Any staff or faculty member can submit a single event to the calendar. The event will be reviewed before posting, so there may be a delay before it goes live. To submit an event, visit the calendar and towards the bottom right you'll see a link that reads "Submit an event," or: CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT AN EVENT

I submit events regularly:
If you are contributing a number of events to the calendar on a regular basis, you can receive access as a calendar manager. The benefits include the ability publish directly to the calendar (no review process), and the ability to edit events that you created previously. Visit the web help form to request manager status: REQUEST ACCESS

(Note: If you are already a calendar manager, do not use the Submit an Event button. Instead, click Manage Events.)

I'm a member of the Hamilton community, or a business

If you are holding an event in the immediate community (Hamilton-Earlville area) that may be of interest to Colgate students, faculty, and staff, your event may be appropriate for the Colgate campus calendar. To submit an event, e-mail details to Jennifer DeAngelis ( of the Hamilton Initiative.

Always remember to check the calendar before posting an event so there is no duplication!

Adding an Image to Your Event

You may include an image with your event listing. The maximum width of any image is 350 px. The calendar does not host images, so any image you include must be uploaded to the internet elsewhere. When creating your event right click on an online image, choose "Copy image URL," and paste the URL in the Image URL field.

If the image you want to include is not already on the internet, a free and easy tool for getting images online can be found at

Contacts and Locations

All events must be given a contact and a location. When submitting an event, you will be able to select from drop-down menus pre-populated with contacts and locations around campus. If your contact or location is not listed, regular users will have the option to write in a new option.

Calendar managers who need to add a new contact or location are able to do so from the main menu of the calendar management screen. SEE EXAMPLE

Canceling an Event

If an event already on the calendar has been canceled, please do not simply delete it from the calendar. Instead, edit the event and change its status from "Confirmed" to "Canceled." For assistance canceling an event, please e-mail

Creating Effective Events

Schedule your event immediately

Add your event to the calendar as soon as possible so that others who are scheduling events know what you're doing. They may change their plans accordingly. You can also start sharing your event sooner!>

Check the calendar first

Before scheduling an event, check the calendar to see what else is going on at your proposed time. You may want to find a time where you aren't competing for attendees.

Give your event an enticing title

"Tim Johnson Lecture" isn't very interesting or informative. But "Tim Johnson: Of Mice and Men in Popular Media" will draw the audience you're looking for.

Using the Calendar Effectively

Share and add events to your calendar

At the upper right of every event on the calendar are icons that allow you to add the event to your personal iCal or Google Calendar. There is also a button that allows you to share the event on most popular social networks.

Filter by subject

Are you only interested in academic events? Athletic events? Use the filters on the righthand side of the page to view only the events that are of interest to you.

Check out future dates

Interested in what is scheduled so far for future dates? Use the mini calendar along the right side to change the date that you're looking at.

"Upcoming Events" E-mail

Twice weekly, on Monday and Thursday mornings, an automated e-mail is sent to everyone on campus with a list of all events on the calendar for the next few days. To be listed in this e-mail, your event must be on the campus calendar. Scroll up for: 

Frequent Questions

What are the topical areas for when I create an event?

When you enter an event, you are required to tag it with relevant topical areas. These are used to classify events for filters (accessible along the righthand side of the calendar), as well as for feeds used throughout the Colgate website.

Can I reserve a room using the calendar?

No. Venues must be reserved at, prior to the creation of a calendar event.

When should I enter my event on the calendar?

Enter your event on the calendar as soon as the event details are finalized, even if your event is months away! This helps other people plan their own events by letting them know what else is going on.

Posting your event to the calendar at least one full week ahead of time maximizes the effectiveness of your posting by ensuring it is a part of campus event e-mails.

My event is only open to a specific audience; should I put it on the calendar?

If your event is only for the members of a specific organization or club, do not enter it on the calendar.

However, if your event is open only to students, or only to faculty/staff, you should enter it on the calendar, but clearly indicate your audience. For example: "Flu Shot Clinic for Faculty and Staff."