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Crime Prevention Programs

The department offers programs and services focusing on personal safety awareness, proactive crime prevention, and community responsibility.
To learn more about any of these options please contact campus safety at 315-228-7333 or

Alert System

The university has a state-of-the-art emergency notification system that includes text messages, social media feeds, voice mail, and broadcast speakers.

Crime Prevention Presentations

Presentations are offered to all campus constituents, including students, faculty and staff,  and student organizations.

Personal Safety Escorts

From dusk to dawn throughout the year, escorts from and to any on-campus location are provided to anyone.

Residence Hall Security

Crime-prevention presentations are offered to all resident students throughout the year. All residence halls have door-code locks.

Enhanced Telephone System

All calls received by the department from a university phone, Blue Light phone, or emergency phone are immediately identified by the telephone extension and/or location.

Blue Light Emergency Telephones

These emergency telephones are distinguished by the overhead blue light and they are strategically located throughout campus. They are linked directly to the campus safety dispatcher.

Emergency Telephones

Interior emergency telephones are linked directly to the dispatcher and are located in numerous campus buildings.

Security Surveys

Regular security surveys are conducted of exterior lighting, perimeter security, doors, locks, and grounds.

Fire and Security Alarm Systems

The university has a sophisticated computer enhanced alarm system that monitors a campuswide network of fire, intrusion, and duress alarms.