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Online Billing/Payments

In an effort to make it easier to pay tuition bills and to reduce the amount of paper used on campus, the university has employed an online payment program.

Online Payments

Students can view their bill on the Colgate portal. They also can use the portal to authorize their parents to have access to their records.

Once a student approves that access, parents or interested parties can pay tuition online by going to QuikPAY. These services are made available through Colgate's  partnership with Nelnet Business Solutions QuikPAY.

If you have any questions, please e-mail student accounts.

Payment by Mail

Don't want to make payments electronically (e-check)? Within the QuikPAY system authorized payers have the option of mailing payments to Colgate by following the process listed below:
  • Go to your Current Statement
  • Choose the printable PDF (icon in the upper left corner of the screen)
  • Print the statement
  • Clip the coupon located at the bottom of the statement
  • Mail your check with the coupon. Mailed payments are collected at Colgate's bank location in Boston, Mass. Colgate is notified of these payments within 24 hours after bank processing.
Students that opt to mail payments rather than pay electronically may enter QuikPAY through the student portal and then follow the same process listed above.