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Thirteen Steps to Arrival Day

Check out what the first day of the rest of your life is going to look like! First-year student Arrival Day is Sunday, August 23.

1. Honk

As you arrive on campus, honk. Show us how excited you are to be arriving for the start of your Colgate career!

2. Park

Arrival Day - Park

Park on Whitnall Field, and unload your car. Have no fear; you will not be living on Whitnall Field (though you may play intramural sports or attend a bonfire here).

3. Mingle

Families mingle on Whitnall Field

While volunteers load your stuff onto trucks to take it up the hill, you can start meeting your peers!

4. Check-in

Arrival Day - Check-in

Check-in for orientation at the Hall of Presidents in James C. Colgate Hall. We've been anxiously awaiting your arrival, so hurry up and let us know you're here!

5. Climb the Hill

Arrival Day - climb

Meet your truck at your residence hall. On the way there, the Colgate Hill will work your calves, glutes, and quads, free of charge!

6. Wait for Your Things

A capella group sings to arriving first-years

Get serenaded as you wait for your possessions to arrive. If you beat the truck to your residence, you may encounter a roving a capella group. Great singers, and this year they’ve been trained not to bite.

7. Unload

Arrival Day - Unload

Student volunteers will help you unload your things from the truck, just outside your residence hall.

8. Move In

Arrival Day - Move In

Those same sun-shiny student volunteers will help you take your things right into your new room.

9. Meet Your Roommates

Arrival Day - Roomates

The hats are not included, but of course the rooms, furniture, and new friendships are.

10. Unpack Your Stuff

Arrival Day - Unpack

Your mom will insist on making your bed “one last time,” and your dad will insist on assembling something. Slow them down with lunch at Frank or the Coop.

11. Eat Ice Cream

Arrival Day - Ice cream

It isn’t move-in day without the ice cream social and new friends.

12. Hug Your Family

Arrival Day - Hug

It’s not “goodbye;” it's just “see ya over break!”

13. Enjoy Your New Home!

Arrival Day - Home

Colgate has a lot to offer, not just for the next four years, but for the rest of your life. Branch out. Grow. Learn. Enjoy!