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My research stands at the nexus of politics, public policy, and public management, with a focus on American local government and environmental policy. At the heart of my research agenda is the study of bureaucratic career systems as political phenomena. My 2011 book, Bureaucratic Ambition, argues that ambition — psychological motives manifested in a career opportunity structure — shapes administrators’ decisions to innovate and to engage in politics, with important consequences for innovation and democratic governance. The emergence of entrepreneurial bureaucrats is not simply serendipitous, but rather a predictable result of professional career systems.

Current research efforts include the first comprehensive study of American water utility CEOs (sponsored by the Water Research Foundation), and a study of independent technocratic agencies and the politics of economic liberalization in Africa (with M. Anne Pitcher). In addition to my theoretical scholarship, I pursue a line of applied research on urban infrastructure and finance.

I also co-edit (with David Konisky) Studies in American Public Policy and Management, a new book series from Johns Hopkins University Press.


BA, Seattle University; MPA, Cornell University; PhD, University of Michigan


American environmental policy, innovation, organizational theory, public management, bureaucratic politics, city politics.


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  • APSA Norton Long Young Scholars award
  • National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow
  • Harry S. Truman Scholarship