William Peck: Geology of the Morin Anorthosite and the Morin terrane

William Peck

Professor of Geology
Geology, 422 Ho Science Center
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Geologic map of the Morin Complex
Late igneous(?) zircon growing at the grain boundary of exolved hemoilmenite and plagioclase

William Peck's Research: Geology of the Morin Anorthosite and the Morin Terrane

The Morin Anorthosite complex is 2,500 sq km batholith complex emplaced into the crust of Quebec 1.15 Billion years ago. The anorthosite complex crops out in the Laurentian Mountains northwest of Montreal, and is an ideal natural laboratory for exploring the temperature, pressure, and fluid conditions in the mid-crust.

Work with Colgate students in the Morin terrane has focused on the metamorphic petrology of marbles around the anorthosite (Etienne Morin '02 and Mike Meredith '03). This work was published in the 2005 Grenville volume of the Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences. A few years ago we also discovered interesting zircon crystals in ore deposits of the Morin Complex (research by Jill Thompson '03), which we initially thought was caused by Zr exsolved from hemoilmenite during metamorphism. U-Pb dating and association with magmatic sulfides suggests that this zircon is instead late-magmatic (collaborative research with Scott Samson, Univ. Syracuse). Recently Gary Eppich '06 did a stable isotope study of historic magnesite ore deposits in the southern Morin terrane, and confirmed their sedimentary protolith.

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