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William Peck adjusting instrument

William Peck

Professor of Geology; Chair, Department of Geology
Geology , 422 Ho Science Center
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Erika Rader '07 conducting experiment
Adam Mansur '05 preparing experiment.

William Peck's Research in the New Jersey Highlands

In the past few years Colgate students and I have been working on the Proterozoic Franklin Marble of the New Jersey Highlands with collaborators at the NJ Geological Survey and local mineral museums. The Franklin Marble hosts of a number of small iron ore deposits and the world-class zinc deposits at Franklin and Sterling Hill.

Five Students have been involved in this research. Mike Meredith ('03) and Erika Rader ('07) focused on quantifying metamorphic conditions of the marble by examining petrology and the fractionation of carbon isotopes between calcite and graphite. Erika also discovered an occurrence of the rare borosilicate Serendibite in the Franklin Marble of Orange County, NY.  Bret Doverspike ('03) and Adam Mansur ('05) worked on understanding the genesis of the iron and zinc ore deposits.  Matt Shramko (’13) did a study on secondary carbonates from the Zn mines at Franklin and Sterling Hill.
Mike Meredith ('03) and Bret Doverspike ('03) collect marble samples from near the Franklin Mine, a world-class zinc deposit.

Student Presentations at Professional Meetings

researcher presenting findings
Erika Rader '07 presenting her findings

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