Victoria Codrina Ewbank-Popescu - Chemistry Faculty

Codrina Ewbank-Popescu

Associate Professor of Chemistry
Chemistry, 105 Wynn Hall
p 315-228-6093


BS University of Bucharest, Romania 1994; MS, PhD Carnegie Mellon University 1997, 2000

Teaching Experience

Associate Professor, Ursinus College, 10 years

Professional Experience

Mossbauer and Electron Paramagnetic Resonance of iron proteins and complexes


Physical and instrumental chemistry, general chemistry, physical inorganic and bioinorganic chemistry


Structure and mechanism of iron proteins and enzymes, iron Mossbauer spectroscopy, iron-based biological processes, bioenergetics, catalytic environmental remediation, spectroscopic determination of electronic parameters of iron compounds and iron containing biological molecules, magnetic properties, hyperfine interactions in iron complexes, model complexes for iron enzymes, bio-inspired iron complexes, monovalent iron.


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[1] Undergraduate co-author.


2013-2016       National Science Foundation – RUI: Mössbauer Studies of Iron Containing Model complexes and enzymatic active sites (~$ 190,000)

2012                Sabbatical semester (Fall): Spectroscopy of Iron Containing Model Complexes and Enzymatic Active Sites. (Ursinus College and Carnegie Mellon University)

2010-2014       National Science Foundation – RUI: Mössbauer Studies of Iron Containing Model complexes and enzymatic active sites ($ 165,000, extension to 2014)

2004-2007       National Science Foundation – Major Research Instrumentation Award for Acquisition of a Mössbauer Spectrometer at Ursinus College ($124,000)

2002-2003       NIH Ruth Kirschstein NRSA for post-doctoral research – Structural Dynamics of Methane Monooxygenase by Nitroxide-EPR and Fluorescence Energy Transfer (FET).