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Evelyn Voura

Evelyn Voura

Visiting Assistant Professor
Biology, 315 Olin Hall
p 315-228-6271


BSc University of Guelph 1992; MSc University of Toronto 1994; PhD University of Toronto 1999

Teaching Experience

Assistant Professor of Biology, Dominican College 2011-2014; Adjunct Professor, Vassar College 2010-2011, Adjunct Professor, Marist College 2009-2010

Professional Experience

Research Coordinator/Assistant Director of Research, NYU Langone Medical Center 2005-2014; Post-doctoral Fellow, Rockefeller University 2001-2005; Post-doctoral Fellow, Ontario Cancer Institute at Princess Margaret Hospital 1999-2001


My research program focuses on the use of the planarian flatworm as a three-dimensional tumor model. Planarians generate tumors quickly, and their rich supply of stem cells offers an excellent opportunity to examine the behavior of these cells during tumorigenesis. I am currently working on developing three essential aspects of the model. The first is to modulate the growth of cadmium induced tumor growth using metabolic inhibitors and drugs. The planarian has already established itself as an excellent model for testing the effects of stimulants, and to perfect our use of the planarian for drug testing, I am examining the effects of nutritional supplements in healthy worms. The second aspect of the planarian tumor model being studied in the lab is the establishment of a tumor cell invasion model by grafting whole tumors and dissociated tumor cells to healthy worms. The final aspect of the model being worked out is a means to study the relationship of stem cells with tumors. I am working on ways to monitor the motility of planarian stem cells in response to tumors and tumor growth conditions in comparison to wound healing and regeneration.


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