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Bruce Selleck

Geology, 333 Ho Science Center
p 315-228-7949


BA, Colgate, 1971; MS (1973), PhD (1975), University of Rochester

Teaching Experience

  • 7/1/15 - Present Thomas A. Bartlett Chair and Professor of Geology, Colgate University
  • 8/1/03 - 6/30/15 H.O. Whitnall Professor of Geology, Colgate University
  • 8/1/86 - 7/31/03 Professor of Geology, Colgate University
  • 9/1/80 - 7/31/86 Associate Professor of Geology, Colgate University
  • 6/20/82 - 7/15/86 Faculty Adjunct, University of Alaska Field Camp
  • 9/1/74 - 7/31/80 Assistant Professor of Geology, Colgate University

Administrative Experience

  • 7/1/2012 - 1/1/15: Director, Colgate University Upstate Institute
  • 7/1/2011 - 6/30/2012: Interim Dean of Faculty and Provost, Colgate University
  • 8/1/06 - 7/31/10: Director, Picker Institute for Interdisciplinary Science, Colgate University
  • 8/1/03 - 7/31/06: Chair, Department of Geology, Colgate University
  • 7/1/90 - 6/30/94: Dean of Faculty and Provost, Colgate University
  • 7/1/88 - 6/30/90: Associate Dean of Faculty, Colgate University
  • 6/30/83 - 12/31/86: Chairman, Dept. of Geology, Colgate University

Teaching Specialties

Stratigraphy and sedimentation, marine paleoecology, sedimentary petrology, hydrogeology

Research Interests

Paleoecology, carbonate/clastic sedimentary environments, sedimentary petrology, depositional patterns, sedimentation and tectonics of the Alaska Range, geochronology and origin of hydrothermal dolomite reservoir systems; fluid flow during deformation; stratigraphy and sedimentary processes in Cambrian rocks; geochronology and tectonics of the Grenville Province; stable isotope records of climate and climate change; fluid inclusions in sedimentary and metamorphic rocks.

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  • 2010 Sidney J. and Florence Felten French Prize for Inspirational Teaching
  • Petroleum Research Foundation Grant and NYSERDA Contract, 2008-2011
  • NSF-EAR, 2004-2007
  • NSF-MRI for SEM-EDS, 2003-2005, 2010-2012
  • NSF-CSIP grant, 1986-88
  • ACS-PRF grant, 1986-89
  • ARCO Foundation grant for sedimentology laboratory, 1982
  • NSF-URPS and NSF-ISEP grants, 1978-80

Professional Experience

Consultant, local quarry operations, toxic waste disposal, resource assessment, materials characterization; GIS applications
Articles published in GeologyGeological Society of America Bulletin, PreCambrian Research, Journal of Metamorphic Geology, Journal of Sedimentary Petrology, American Journal of Science, Northeastern Geology, and elsewhere. Field guides for the International Geological Congress, New England Intercollegiate Geological Association, Friends of the Grenville, NYS Geological Association, Canadian Association of Paleontologists.

Publications (since 2001):    (* indicates undergraduate coauthor)

Book Chapters

Chiarenzelli, J., Kratzmann, D., Selleck, B., DeLorraine, W. and Lupulescu, M. Chapter 14: Utility of Detrital Zircon Grains from Upper Amphibolite Facies Rocks of the Grenville Supergroup, Adirondack Lowlands, Northeastern United States: in Sediment Provenance:  Influence on Compositional Change from Source to Sink; Mazumder, ed. Elsevier, 2016

McLelland, J. and Selleck, B. W. Chapter 1, Geology, and Chapter 4, Mining; in: Light from the Adirondack Prism: The Great Experiment in Conservation; Porter, Erickson and Whaley, eds. Syracuse University Press, May 2009

Field Guidebooks

  • Selleck, B. and Mehrtens, C. (2015) The Upper Ordovician Section at Crown Point Peninsula, New York;  in New York State Geological Association Field Trip Guidebook, 87th Annual Meeting
  • Selleck, B. (2014) Black River and Trenton Groups, Northwestern New York State; in NYSGA Fieldtrip Guidebook, 86th Annual Meeting, p. 114-132
  • Regan, S., Peck, W., Selleck, B., Wong, M., and Chiarenzelli, J. (2014)  Mesoproterozoic Magmatism of the St. Lawrence Lowlands:  The Result of Closure of the Trans-Adirondack Backarc Basin; n NYSGA Fieldtrip Guidebook, 86th Annual Meeting, p. 71-90
  • Peck, W., Selleck, B. and Wong, M. (2011) Geology of the Black Lake Shear Zone and Northwestern Adirondack Lowlands, Grenville Province, New York; Friends of the Grenville (FOG) Annual Field Trip Guidebook
  • Selleck, B.W (2008) Stratigraphy, sedimentology and diagenesis of the Potsdam Formation of the southern Lake Champlain Valley:; in NYSGA Fieldtrip Guidebook, 80th Annual Meeting, p. 144-156.
  • Mehrtens, C. and Selleck, B.W. (2008) Depositional environments of the Ordovician section at Crown Point, New York; in NYSGA Fieldtrip Guidebook, 80th Annual Meeting, p. 67-85
  • Johnson, E.L. and Selleck, B.W. (2005) The nature and significance of the Carthage-Colton Shear Zone and related late- to post-tectonic granites and ore deposits; Adirondack Mountains, New York; Friends of the Grenville (FOG) Annual Field Trip Guidebook, 46 pp.
  • Selleck, B.W. (2005) Exploring the root zone of an ancient fault-driven hydrothermal system in the Adirondack Lowlands, New York; NYSGA Fieldtrip Guidebook, 77th annual meeting, pp. 12-31
  • Mehrtens, C. and Selleck, B.W. (2002) Middle Ordovician Section at Crown Point Peninsula; NEIGC/NYSGA Fieldtrip Guidebook, Trip B5, p. B51-B5-16
  • Selleck, B.W (1997) Potsdam Sandstone of the southern Lake Champlain Valley: Sedimentary Facies, environments and diagenesis; in 1997 NEIGC Fieldtrip Guidebook, pp. C3-1 - C3-16
  • Selleck, B. W. (1993) Sedimentology and Diagenesis of the Potsdam Sandstone and Theresa Formation, Southwestern St. Lawrence Valley; NYSGA Fieldtrip Guidebook, v. 65, p. 219-228
  • Selleck, B.W. (1989) Sedimentary Sequences in a Foreland Basin: The New York System - Cambrian and Ordovician Strata in Northeastern New York; 28th Int. Geol. Congress Guidebook T156, p. 1-6
  • Selleck, B.W. and Linsley, R. L. (1984) Sedimentology and Faunal Assemblages, Hamilton Group, Central New York; NEGSA Guidebook, Trip b-9, pp. 220-236
  • Selleck, B.W. and Hall, R (1978) Sedimentology and Paleontology of Portions of the Hamilton Group in Central New York, NYSGA Guidebook, Trip B-8, p 1-23